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5 Places With Toy Poodles For Sale In Ohio

Looking for places to buy a toy poodle in Ohio (OH)? 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy breeder won’t be difficult with many options in the state. To select the best poodle and ensure it is in good condition, visit the breeders in person, buy only from reputable sellers, and request a video call verification before paying for anything in advance. 

Here’s the list of breeders operating in Ohio that are selling toy poodles to help you find the best adult dog or a puppy, depending on your needs and the offer. 

Make sure to read until the end – we have listed some main things to keep in mind when purchasing one.

Toy Poodle Breeders In Ohio

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
Hidden View Farms Lancaster, 
FourPoints Poodles Wilmington, OH 937-971-9140
Miller’s Country View Paws Sugar Creek, 
Primrose Poodles Lagrange, OH 
JoJo’s Family Puppies Plymouth, OH 

1. Hidden View Farms

  • Address: 7575 Bremen Rd SE, Lancaster, Ohio 43130 
  • Phone: 740-974-8618 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $750-$1,500 – more information available on inquiry

Hidden View Farms is an AKC-registered toy poodle breeder from Lancaster, OH. This family-owned business has been breeding since 2000 and focuses on “matching families with the perfect healthy puppy or kitten that will bring joy and love to their home.” 

Dog breeds they raise and sell include toy poodles, dachshunds, Shih Tzus, French bulldogs, cavapoos, yorkies, chihuahuas, mini goldendoodles, and mini bernedoodles. You will need to pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve a puppy; they allow you to come and meet them in person. Payments can be made in cash, or credit cards, but no checks. 

According to their website, they are ODA, USDA, AKC, and Canine Care certified. Their toy poodles cost $750-$1,500. They come vaccinated, wormed, microchipped, with health guarantees, dewclaws removed, tails docked, and much more. 

Their puppies are priced online with Limited AKC registration which means that you are buying the puppy as a pet and not for breeding or showing. Check out the list of available toy poodles on their website.

2. FourPoints Poodles 

  • Address: Wilmington, Ohio 45177
  • Phone: 937-971-9140 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $1,000-$4,000- more information available on inquiry

FourPoints Poodles is another AKC-registered toy poodle breeder from Ohio. They are located in the southwestern part of the state, in Wilmington, and have been breeding since 1997. 

They focus on providing top-quality healthy poodles for pets, with the looks that could win a show. FourPoints Poodles sells their toy poodles for $1,000-$4,000 depending on size, color, sex, etc. 

They offer to ship the animal via airlines for $425. You will need to pay a $300 deposit to reserve a puppy; payment can be made by cash, cashier’s check/money order, or Paypal but no personal checks. The puppies come with a 72-hour health guarantee and with limited registration, just like with the previous breeder.

3. Miller’s Country View Paws 

  • Address: Sugar Creek, Ohio 44681
  • Phone: 330-390-5097
  • Email:
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $650-$2,600 – more information available on inquiry

Miller’s Country View Paws is located in Holmes County, Sugarcreek, OH. They are also members of AKC and have been breeding since 2017. 

They offer toy poodles, cavapoos, and Portuguese water dogs. You will need to pay a $200 deposit to reserve a puppy you like. Prices of their toy poodles range from $650 to $2,600 and they come vet-checked, genetically tested, vaccinated, and wormed. Visit their website to see photos and prices of the currently available puppies.

4. Primrose Poodles 

Primrose Poodles has been breeding toy poodles for over 40 years. They are located in Lagrange, OH, and offer puppies that are vet-checked, vaccinated, and groomed. 

Their toy poodles also come with limited AKC papers; you can read later in this article why most breeders do this. They breed for personality, confirmation, and intelligence – visit their website for more information on the available puppies.

5. JoJo’s Family Puppies 

  • Address: Plymouth, Ohio
  • Phone: 567-224-9648
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $800-$2,000 – more information available on inquiry

JoJo’s Family Puppies is a small family-owned business located in Plymouth, OH. They raise and sell registered mini dachshunds, toy poodles, and a few toy poodle mixes. 

According to their website, all of their dogs are ACA-registered and receive an annual vet visit to ensure they are healthy. To reserve a puppy you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit via PayPal or Venmo. With the puppy, you’ll receive the ACA paper, vaccination records, a 6-month health guarantee, and a small bag of puppy food. 

Their toy poodles cost between $800 and $2,000 – you will find a list of available puppies and their exact prices on their website.

JoJo’s Family Puppies offers to meet you in person and give you your new pet or to ship it to your local airport. In case you are interested in that, contact them for an estimated shipping price that includes the airport puppy delivery fee, airport-approved pet carrier, and preflight vet fee.

Additional Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Toy Poodle To Buy in OH?

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Florida (FL), North Carolina (NC), Pennsylvania (PA), and Texas (TX).

Are You Selling Toy Poodles in OH And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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Things To Know Before Buying A Toy Poodle

Toy poodles are one of the smartest, most confident, and most popular dog breeds. This, combined with their sweet nature, elegant looks, and tiny size makes them a great option as family pets.

However, they can live between 12 and 14 years – this makes them a commitment!

When searching for your new toy poodle, keep a certain dose of skepticism when visiting a breeder’s website. Most have flashy presentations, cute puppy photos, and bold claims – this doesn’t mean that they are quality breeders!

Some good signs include a list of health tests that can be cross-referenced with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), willingness to show documentation of all test results, and membership in dog clubs (American Kennel Club, United Kennel Club, or Canadian Kennel Club).

If you decide to purchase a puppy from a pet store, make sure to check their reviews on Google, Yelp, other directories, and forums – do everything you can to ensure you are not scammed and are not buying from a puppy mill.

When talking to a breeder, do not be afraid to ask questions – check if they test their dogs and keep them current on vaccinations and other treatments.

A lot of breeders will also ask you a lot of questions to make sure their puppies go to a loving home – don’t be worried as this is a good sign

As you may have noticed, many of the breeders on our list require you to fill out an application or questionnaire. 

Breeders that only care about your ability to pay the full price should be avoided!

Remember that not all breeders have available puppies at all times and that it is normal to be placed on a waiting list. 

Check how many litters they have each year as the American Kennel Club (AKC) considers 7 or more litters a year to be high-volume breeding – breeders with lots of puppies might not properly raise and socialize each animal

Check at what age they sell their animals as puppies shouldn’t be separated from the mother and littermates before 7 weeks of age – the best age to purchase a toy poodle puppy is 8-12 weeks of age. 

Prices depend on the color, quality, sex, and location – try to avoid “bargain” deals as it might mean that the breeder is cutting corners somewhere. 

Also, beware of the poodles advertised as  “teacup” or “tinies” – that’s just a marketing gimmick. 

All poodles that are up to 10 inches high at the shoulder are toy poodles – if they are even smaller than that, they are still toy poodles.

Some breeders might require you to sign a spay/neuter contract and not breed your puppies – this is done to assure that the animal isn’t used as a puppy mill dog and that the breeder cares about maintaining the toy poodle as a quality breed. 

If visiting in person, check the environment the puppies are raised in – make sure that they are kept in clean areas, there are toys the dogs can play with, they have enough room to exercise, there is fresh water available, and that the puppies are clean and well-groomed. 

Also, look at other puppies and how your new pet interacts with them; this might provide some insight into your puppy’s temperament and overall quality.

After getting a puppy, have a veterinarian inspect it in the first 48 hours. If they discover some problems, return the puppy immediately to the breeder together with the vet’s report. 

Like all dogs, toy poodles are susceptible to different genetic health issues, so make sure to have your poodle’s health screened at an early age, visit a veterinarian regularly, and ensure it gets proper food, water, grooming, exercise, and mental stimulation throughout its lifetime. 

Remember to check with the breeder that the sire and the dam have been tested and found free of specific hereditary health problems, as this increases your chance of getting a healthy puppy.  

As with any other purchase, before buying a toy poodle, make sure to do a lot of research, do not buy from the first breeder you see, and take each of these points (and many others) into consideration when choosing your next pet.


And there you have it! 5 places with toy poodles for sale in Ohio (OH). 

Make sure to call (at reasonable hours) and check if the seller currently has any available for sale, see the animal in person, or request a video call verification, before paying for anything in advance. 

Toy poodles can be great pets as they are friendly, easy to maintain, cute, smart, and entertaining animals. Remember to properly take care of your new pet to ensure it lives a long and happy life.

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