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Animal Safety Pledge

Inspired by the work of many animal protection organizations, The Daily Wildlife was created with the belief that all animals deserve to have a safe and healthy life:

  • domestic animals deserve to be protected and well-cared for
  • wild animals deserve to be treated humanely and to live in their natural habitats

Part of our mission is to provide proper animal and wildlife education and create awareness of many of the animals that are being endangered and mistreated. Whether they are birds, groundhogs, or gorillas, all animals deserve to be handled respectfully.

We believe that inspiring and educating people everywhere about the beauty of wildlife will increase interest in nature as a whole and grow public awareness of nature conservation.

The Daily Wildlife also supports the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured animals and raising awareness of respecting all life and keeping wildlife safe and clean. We also promote all organizations that provide boarding and care to pets at risk of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

That’s why we have also created a directory of responsible animal breeders to support responsible pet ownership and promote humane animal treatment throughout the breeding community. We always suggest adopting a pet from animal shelters or rescue groups before deciding to buy one!

Our dream is a day when cruelty to animals is completely reduced. Everyone needs to be aware of the issues like pet overpopulation, factory farming, and animal experimentation.

Animal Safety Pledge is our commitment to sharing our enthusiasm and knowledge of animals with others!

How You Can Help

You can also be a part of our efforts. Whether financially supporting various animal rescue organizations, participating in community events, or sharing articles like ours with your friends and family, every help we can get is most welcome.

Take our Animal Safety Pledge today and show your commitment to responsible pet ownership and sustainable wildlife!

Pledge to make a difference for all animals by keeping your dogs leashed during walks, keeping cats indoors, microchipping your pets, driving carefully, securing trash and preventing pollution, not feeding animals incompatible foods, or deliberately maiming them.

If you take inspiration from Wildlife Nation, you can connect kids with nature, get outside with them and work on fostering a love of wildlife and nature in them from an early age. Some ideas include planting trees, fishing, camping, recreating habitats, or other team-inspired activities.

Help educate people in your local neighborhood, stay true to your passion for animals, and share and inspire others to join you.

If you have a website about nature, wildlife, and animals, you can embed our “Animal Safety Pledge” on your blog and share it with your readers.

Animal Safety Pledge

Feel free to contact us here if this is something of interest to you and you will get a banner and a list of other ideas on how you can help make the world a safer place for all animals.

Some Animal Shelters And Rescue Organizations

Here is some more information about other animal organizations in case you want to volunteer or adopt a pet.

  1. Florida Keys SPCA: | 305-294-4857 and 305-743-4800 | Key West, Florida
  2. Montgomery County Animal Shelter: | 936-442-7738 | The Woodlands, Texas
  3. Ohio Wildlife Center’s Hospital: | 614-793-9453 | Columbus, Ohio
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