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About Us

The Daily Wildlife is an academic source for everything about animals, nature, and wildlife.

We offer practical, interesting, and helpful animal articles that are backed by real research and science.

The Daily Wildlife has been mentioned in highly regarded websites like PetKeen and Trishan’s Oz that have millions of visitors and our essays have been quoted in several Wikipedia articles.

The main topics this website covers are behavior, nutrition, distribution, morphology, vocalization, ecology, and reproduction of animals of all sizes, ranging from tiny ants and birds to enormous elephants and condors.

You will only read interesting content on our website, which we are sure, you will like very much.

We’re working to turn our passion for nature into a booming online place for nature and animal lovers.

Our Writing Team

Dejan Ivanovic

The Daily Wildlife author Dejan Ivanovic
Dejan Ivanovic (MSc)

Dejan is the founder and editor of The Daily Wildlife. He is an experienced wildlife blogger and a huge animal lover.

Dejan has successfully completed the Animal Behaviour and Welfare course at The University of Edinburgh and holds a certificate for One Education’s Introduction to Zoology.

He is also on track to complete the Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation course offered by the American Museum of Natural History and Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

Qualifications and Experience

Dejan holds an academic degree of Master of Science and has over 6 years of work experience.

He has been recognized as an expert in his area of interest by his peers and university professors and has been writing scientific articles about animals for more than 4 years.

He is always communicating with licensed veterinarians and animal experts that specialize in animal physiology to bring you the very best and most up-to-date information.

When not writing interesting posts on adorable furry creatures, you’ll most likely find Dejan petting some exotic animal or hiking in nature, trying to claim some mountain peak.

Dr. John Arthur

Dr John Arthur
Dr. John Arthur

John Arthur is a veterinarian and animal behaviorist. He is always happy to share his knowledge and experience with our readers.

John has been a veterinarian at VetHelp Force in Texas since February 2007, a small veterinary clinic in Dallas Texas offering comprehensive care, boarding, and grooming services for different animals.

In addition, since 2021, he has been working as a veterinary consultant and a writer for our website, creating numerous articles on animal physiology and behavior.

Qualifications and Experience

John has over 15 years of experience working with animals. When not treating animals, John is writing articles for various veterinary websites and magazines.

Dr. John Arthur received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Oregon State University in 2005.

Our Peer Review And Editorial Process

All articles written on The Daily Wildlife go through a peer-review editorial process.

We have had many certified veterinarians and animal experts like Dr. Maurizio Dioli and Mr. Mark White from AnimalAid double-check our articles to make sure the information we give out is accurate.

We are constantly reading the latest studies and research from the Journal of Veterinary Science, Veterinary Research, National Library of Medicine, Veterinary World, and others.

We are non-stop in contact with many zoologists and veterinarians from different zoos, like the Belgrade Zoo, the Munchen Zoo, and Denver Zoo to bring you the most precise and detailed facts about the animals we write about.

To ensure that you are always getting the best and most accurate information, we often provide sources for the research data we quote.

6 of our articles have also appeared in Google Scholar.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Daily Wildlife is to provide wildlife enthusiasts with the most up-to-date information on animals that is backed by real research and science.

Our Vision

We strive to be one of the best online places for all nature and animal lovers and build a community that brings everyone together.

Disclosure: All the advice on this site is general in nature. You should always cross-check any information on this site with a licensed professional. Seek professional input on your specific circumstances.

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