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8 Places With Mini Pigs For Sale In Florida

Looking for places to buy a mini pig in Florida (FL)? 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy pig breeder can sometimes be difficult but there are several options in the state for you. To select the best miniature pig and ensure it is in good condition, visit the breeders, ranches, or farms in person and buy only from reputable sellers. 

Here’s the list of top places with miniature pigs for sale in Florida to help you find the best boar, sow, or piglet, depending on your needs and the offer. 

Make sure to read until the end – we have listed some main things to remember when purchasing one.

Mini Pig Breeders In Florida

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
Angel Enterprise Farm Center Hill, FL
Countryside Farm & Venue Lakeland, FL  863-308-3671
Lodella Piggery Waldo, 
Sandy Creek Farm DeFuniak Springs, FL 850-859-2803 
Hornbeck Homestead Hawthorne, FL 352-234-5134
Pretty Little Porkers Dover, FL 352-577-2694
Miniatures ‘R’ Us Lithia, FL
Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs South FLn/ 

1. Angel Enterprise Farm 

  • Address: 428 Emory Lane, Center Hill, Florida 33514 
  • Phone: 352-303-8371
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $1,095-$1,295 – more information available on their website

Angel Enterprise Farm is a miniature pig breeder from Center Hill, FL. They have been raising since 2005 and according to their website, specialize in purebred mini Juliana, micro mini pigs, and micro potbellies. 

This breeder offers their piglets for $1,095-$1,295. They come weaned, dewormed, litter box trained, and in their crate with a week’s supply of food. To reserve an animal, you will need to pay a $100 non-refundable deposit – you can pay for everything via PayPal, Square, CashApp, Venmo, and Apple Pay. 

In case you can’t pick up the piglet locally, Angel Enterprise Farm offers to ship with either American Airlines or to drive and deliver personally. You can see the list of available mini pigs on their website.

2. Countryside Farm & Venue

  • Address: 10550 Moore Road, Lakeland, Florida 33809
  • Phone: 863-308-3671
  • Email: 
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $475 to $875 – more information available on their website

Located in Lakeland, FL, Countryside Farm & Venue specializes in breeding and selling miniature Juliana pigs. According to their website, this family-owned business focuses on raising cute, healthy, and small piglets. 

Countryside Farm keeps a waiting list for their animals and requires a $195 deposit to reserve one for you. Their mini pigs cost from $475 to $875 – you will find a full list of available ones on their website. They also offer ground transportation to most states (for a fee) in case you can’t pick up the animal in person. 

3. Lodella Piggery 

  • Address: 17101 NE 120th Ave, Waldo, Florida 32653
  • Phone: 352-682-6101 
  • Email:
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: $400-$1,500 – more information available on their website

Lodella is a mini piggery located in north central Florida. They are members of the Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR) and focus on providing small, healthy, indoor mini pigs at reasonable prices.

Lodella has 2-3 litters per year and sells their piglets for $400-$1,500, depending on the parents, characteristics of the individual animal, and breeding rights. Their mini Juliana pigs cost $400-$800 ($1,500 with breeding rights), 3/4 Juliana and 1/4 American mini mixes are $500-$700, and 1/2 Juliana and 1/2 American Mini are $400-$500. You will need to pay a 20% deposit to reserve a piglet. 

They also offer air or ground transportation options throughout the US (for a fee). According to their website, they sell all piglets within the first week they’re listed, so they recommended that you join their mailing list to be notified of available litter.

4. Sandy Creek Farm 

  • Address: DeFuniak Springs, Florida 32433 
  • Phone: 850-859-2803 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $400-$900 – more information available on their website

Sandy Creek Farm is a family-run mini pig farm in the Florida panhandle. They are located in DeFuniak Springs and have been breeding pigs for over 14 years. According to their website, they offer mini pigs, Juliana pigs, and mixed mini pigs for sale. 

Their piglets cost from $450 to $900, depending on age, size, color, and conformation – there’s a $200 non-refundable deposit to reserve the animal. Payments can be made via PayPal, credit card, check, or money order. 

Sandy Creek Farm’s piglets come with their blanket, care sheet, feed guideline, vaccinated, needle teeth clipped, wormed & free of mites, socialized, litter box trained, vet checked, and with lifetime support. In case you can’t pick them up locally, Sandy Creek Farm offers to ship piglets within the continental US for a fee. You will find an up-to-date list of the available mini piglets on their website.

5. Hornbeck Homestead 

  • Address: Hawthorne, Florida 32640 
  • Phone: 352-234-5134 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Hornbeck Homestead is a small family farm located in Central Florida. They opened in 2019 and are members of the JPAR. 

Hornbeck Homestead raises and sells Juliana mini pigs, Nigerian Dwarf goats, Holland lop bunnies, and chickens. Visit their Facebook page for more news on their farm and contact them directly about the available animals.

6. Pretty Little Porkers 

  • Address: Dover, Florida 
  • Phone: 352-577-2694
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Pretty Little Porkers is a small farm in Dover, FL, just outside of Orlando. They opened in 2016 and have mini pigs, cows, donkeys, and other animals. Their mini pig prices vary depending on sex, size, and markings – this price also includes worming. 

For an additional fee, they can spay/neuter and micro-chip them. Pretty Little Porkers has a Facebook page but is not the most active there – the best would be to contact them for the most current selection of available pigs.

7. Miniatures ‘R’ Us

  • Address: Lithia Pinecrest Rd, Lithia, Florida 33547
  • Phone: 813-205-3240 
  • Email: Contact Form
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Miniatures ‘R’ Us a small family farm that specializes in breeding mini potbelly pigs, Suri alpacas, and pygmy goats. They are located in Lithia, FL, and their piglets come with an info sheet, some feed to get you started, and lifetime support. They offer shipping options (for a fee) – contact them directly for a list of available animals.

8. Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs 

  • Address: South Florida
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $500-$3,000 – more information available on inquiry

Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs is a USDA and FWC-licensed breeder, specializing in rare blue-eyed miniature pigs. They have been raising miniature pet pigs for over 20 years and keep a waiting list for their animals. 

You will need to pay a $250 non-refundable deposit to get placed there (this is applied towards the purchase price of a piglet). Oink, Oink, Mini Pigs sells their piglets for $500-3,000, depending on size, conformation, color, color pattern, and random markings. 

They also offer an option to ship the animals within the USA. They haven’t been most active on their Facebook page recently so it would be best to contact them directly for more information on available pigs.

Additional Mini Pig Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Mini Pig To Buy in Florida?

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Texas (TX).

Are You Selling Mini Pigs In Florida And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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Things To Know Before Buying A Mini Pig

If you are considering buying a mini pig, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Mini pigs are a commitment. They live to be about 10 to 20 years old.
  • Mini pigs can grow larger than expected. While they are smaller than their farm pig counterparts, they can still grow up to 100-150 pounds. Be prepared to provide adequate space and resources for their adult size. 
  • People often call them “teacup pigs” or “micro mini pigs”. Keep in mind that these names and terms mean nothing. They are just a marketing fad. You can learn more about it here.
  • All pigs are born small, and all get big. Some breeders will, for the sake of money, wean early, inbreed, or underfeed to keep them small. A lot of them will show photos of newborn piglets claiming they’re extra small teacup pigs when they’re just infants that are yet to grow.
  • A good breeder should provide you with as much info as you need. They will tell you the pros and cons of keeping them and allow you to see the animals in person and the conditions the piglets are raised in. 
  • When choosing a piglet, look for certain signs of health. A healthy piglet should be active, alert, and appear vibrant. Check their eyes, which should be open and free of crust or discharge, as this could indicate an eye infection. 
  • Look for any other signs of illness. Those can include coughing or sneezing; make sure they have solid bowel movements and are urinating appropriately. They should also have healthy hair and smooth skin that is free of rashes, irritations, bumps, scaling, or bald patches. 
  • Examine the body to ensure they are well-rounded and not showing any protruding bones, which could indicate malnourishment or other health issues. 
  • Read the reviews. Take your time to read all the reviews other people left on Google, Facebook, and Yelp.
  • Mini pigs need exercise and socialization. Like dogs, they also need exercise and socialization to stay healthy and happy. 
  • Check local laws and regulations. Some areas have specific laws and regulations regarding the ownership of pigs. Check with your local government to ensure that you can legally own a mini pig as a pet in your area.
  • Don’t shop – adopt. In case you decided to get a mini pig, consider adopting one instead of buying from a breeder. Getting one from a shelter is a lot cheaper.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! 8 places with mini pigs for sale in Florida (FL).

These adorable little creatures have been growing in popularity over the years, and now, more and more people are looking to add them to their families. 

The American Mini Pig Association (AMPA) recognizes more than 14 breeds of miniature pigs. Those include the American Mini Pig, Mulefoot Hog Breed, Ossabaw Island Hog, American Guinea Hog Breed, KuneKune Breed, Meishan Breed, Juliana Breed, Yucatan Breed, Pot-Bellied Pig, Gottengin Mini, and Hanford Mini Swine.

Make sure to call (at reasonable hours) and check if the seller currently has animals available for sale, see them in person, or request a video call verification, before paying for anything in advance. There are many scammers out there.

We take our mini pig directory seriously  – please send us a message if we’ve helped you find a proper animal or if you had any negative experiences with any of the breeders mentioned here.

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