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5 Places With Capuchin Monkeys For Sale In Florida

If you’re looking for a unique and loving pet in Florida, a Capuchin monkey may be the perfect choice for you! 

In this article, we will explore 5 breeders offering capuchin monkeys for sale in Florida, as well as the necessary steps to buy a monkey from them.

Capuchin Monkey Breeders in Florida

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
The Animal Club ExoticsOcala,
Poggi’s Animal HouseDavie,
Goyette ExoticsWest Palm Beach, FL561-662-7172Facebook Page
Joni SwansonGroveland, FL 352-750-5042n/a
La Jungla Exotic WildlifeMiami, FL305 775

1. The Animal Club Exotics

White-headed Capuchin Monkey Closeup

This privately-owned exotic animal breeder is located in Ocala, Florida. The Animal Club Exotics raises and sells capuchin monkeys, marmosets, cotton-top tamarins, and red-handed tamarins

Visit their Facebook and Instagram pages for news and updates and contact them directly about the available babies.

2. Poggi’s Animal House

  • Address: 11365 Earnest Blvd, Davie, Florida 33325
  • Phone: 954-708-9441 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: YouTube
  • Price: $24,000 – more information available with inquiry

Poggi’s Animal House is an exotic pet and wildlife sanctuary in Davie, Florida. They raise capuchins, finger monkeys, Geoggrey’s marmosets, cotton-top tamarins, owl monkeys, squirrel monkeys, red-handed tamarins, and ringtail lemurs.

Poggi’s Animal House is a USDA-licensed breeder that sells baby black-capped capuchins and baby white-faced capuchins for $24,000 each. Contact them directly about the available animals.

3. Goyette Exotics 

Yellow-Breasted Capuchin
  • Address: West Palm Beach, Florida 33411
  • Phone: 561-662-7172 
  • Email: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $22,000 – more information available with inquiry

Goyette Exotics is a USDA and FWC-licensed breeding facility. This capuchin breeder is located in West Palm Beach, South Florida

Goyette Exotics does not take deposits with full payment on the day of the pick-up. Their capuchin babies come with health certificates and USDA papers. 

They are not active on their Facebook page so it would be best to contact them directly about the available animals.

4. Joni Swanson

  • Address: Groveland, Florida 34736
  • Phone: 352-750-5042 
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Price: Around $7,900 – more information available with inquiry

Joni Swanson is an animal caretaker licensed by the USDA. They are located in Groveland, Florida, and raise and sell white-fronted capuchins and wedge-capped capuchins

This breeder has been working with animals for over 35 years. Joni Swanson’s USDA-licensed capuchin babies come with a starter kit, health certificates, and appropriate paperwork. 

They neither have a website nor a social media profile – contact the breeder directly about the available animals.

5. La Jungla Exotic Wildlife

  • Address: 11920 SW 51 ST Miami, Florida 33175
  • Phone: 305 775 8056
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available with inquiry

This private wildlife conservation facility is dedicated to the preservation of exotic species. La Jungla Exotic Wildlife is located in Miami, Florida, and they sell several breeds of monkeys, including black-capped capuchins, cinnamon capuchins, wedge-capped capuchins, Brazilian tufted capuchins, and white-headed capuchins.

Additional Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Capuchin Monkey To Buy In Florida? 

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Tennessee (TN).

Are You Selling Capuchin Monkeys In Florida And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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And there you have it! 5 places with capuchin monkeys for sale in Florida (FL). 

These intelligent primates are known for their strong bonds with their owners and are quickly becoming a popular option for pet owners in the state. With their playful and mischievous nature, they bring joy and excitement to those who own them. 

However, owning a Capuchin monkey is a serious commitment that requires proper care, a specialized diet, and a suitable living environment. Also, owning one is not cheap as prices range from $7,900 to $24,000.

Before you buy a capuchin monkey, check your state legislation as keeping it as a pet might be illegal there! According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, to own a capuchin as a pet there, you will need a Class III Personal Pet No-Cost Permit (PPNC) and to fulfill some requirements related to experience documentation and caging.

Contact the seller to see if they currently have monkey babies for sale, check the animal in person, and try not to get scammed by people only pretending to sell animals – always request a video call verification before paying for anything!

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