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World Cup 2022 Animal Quiz

World Cup 2022 has seen Qatar host 32 nations competing for the FIFA World Cup Trophy. How well do you know their animals and wildlife? You have exactly 100 seconds to guess them right.

Start this easy World Cup quiz and find out!

Qatar World Cup Animal Quiz

World Cup Quiz

World Cup 2022 has seen 32 nations quality for the tournament hosted by Qatar. How well do you know their wildlife?

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A crucial part of the rich heritage and culture of the country, this bird is celebrated as the national bird of Qatar.

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This national animal of Qatar has almost been hunted to extinction by the 1970s.

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This nature preserve in Qatar recognized by UNESCO is considered to be one of the country's biggest and most impressive natural wonders.

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Qatar's waters host some of the largest gatherings of the planet's biggest fish. Which one?

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Brazil is considered to be the main contender to win the World Cup. Due to its popularity in Brazilian culture and folklore, they have selected this species as their national bird in 2002.

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Adopted by the French kings as a symbol of courage and bravery, this animal has been on the French national football team's shirts for over 100 years.

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What animal is the England national football team nicknamed after? There are 3 of these animals featured on the badge on the shirts worn by the players.

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Leo Messi, one of the greatest footballers in history, owns a huge brown dog named Señor Hulk. What breed is that dog?

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Netherlands' attacker Memphis Depay has a huge animal tattoo covering his back. He says that this animal represents him. Which animal is it?

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After defeating Spain to reach the quarter-finals in Qatar, Morocco became the fourth African and the first Arabic country to reach the quarter-finals of the FIFA World Cup. What is their national team also known as?

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