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What Color Are Camels? (Fur Color, RGB, HEX values)

Camels come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. 

Camel fur color is mostly yellow, orange, and reddish but can also go from brown to grey and black, depending on species. White-colored camels exist but are hard to find.

Their long fur helps camels survive the extremely high and low temperatures of the desert, and their fur color plays a role in that as well. 

Dromedary camels living in the hot sunny deserts of the Middle East usually have a lighter color of their fur. 

That light color reflects sun rays, preventing the camel from overheating, and helping conserve water and energy they would spend on cooling down.

what color are camels

Key Points

  • Camels come in various colors, adapting to desert temperatures.
  • Camel color (#C19A6B) is used in fashion and described as Light Yellowish Brown.
  • Camels have fur colors like light brown, dark brown, grey, black, and white.

Camel Color In Fashion 

Camel is a color named after the fur color of a camel. It is a light yellowish-brown color and has a hex value of #C19A6B. RGB values are (193, 154, 107), which means it has 43% red, 34% green, and 24% blue color. 

It is mostly used in fashion and the ISCC–NBS System of Color Designation describes it as Light Yellowish Brown.

camel color
Camel color

Different Colors Of Camels

Camels can have different colors, ranging from white, grey, light brown, to dark brown, and even black.

One study on camels in Ethiopia discovered different hair colors in camels from different places:

  1. Jijiga camels had brown color
  2. Hoor camels had brown to red and yellowish-white color
  3. Gelleb camels had brown and red color
  4. Amibara camels had brown to grey color
  5. Mille camels had red to brown color 
  6. Liben camels had brown, red, black, and white color
  7. Shinille camels had grey and brown color

And another study on camels on the Arabian Peninsula investigated camel coat color variations and discovered that camels had the following colors:

  1. Light brown
  2. Dark brown
  3. Black
  4. White

Let’s look into these individual colors and their RGB and HEX values.

1. Light Brown Colored Camels

As mentioned, camels can have light brown color. These have RGB value of (213,172,115) and (190,134,63), and HEX values of #d5ac73 and #be863f accordingly.

light brown camel color
light brown camel color

2. Dark Brown Colored Camels

Mostly Bactrian camels have a dark brown color. For example, this one has an RGB value of (113,76,49) and HEX #714c31. 

dark brown camel color
dark brown camel color

3. Grey Colored Camels

This grey-colored camel has an RGB of (188,198,200) and HEX #bcc6c8.

grey color camel
grey colored camel

4. Black Colored Camels

Camels can also have black color. Black-colored camels are very hard to find. The camel on the photo has an RGB (31,28,25) and HEX #1f1c19.

black color camel
black color camel

5. White Colored Camels

White-colored camels are very rare to find. This one has an RGB of (254,253,233) and a HEX #fefde9. 

white camel
white color camel

It is not 100% white, but a good wash would certainly make it better.

What Color Are Baby Camels?

Baby camels, similarly to adult camels, can be white, grey, light and dark brown colored. 

Here are a few and their RGB and Hex values.

brown colored camel babies with parents
brown colored camel calves

grey color camel calf sucking
grey camel sucking milk

reddish brown color camel calf
reddish-brown color camel calf

Next, let’s look into the color of different camel organs.

What Color Is A Camel’s Tongue?

Contrary to what people think a camel’s tongue is a mix of pale pink and grey color, but not black. It has an RGB value of (207,156,139) and HEX #cf9c8b.

It is a highly moving, muscular organ that helps with grasping, chewing, and food swallowing. 

camel tongue pink color
camel tongue color

What Color Is Camel’s Milk?

Camel milk has an opaque white color, similar to cow milk. It has an RGB value of (252,253,249) and HEX #fcfdf9.

camel milk in glass
camel milk color

What Color Are Camel’s Eyes?

Camels can have a brown, black, blue, and sometimes pale grey color of the eyes. Camels can also have heterochromia, with one blue and the other eye brown. 

brown eyed camel
brown-eyed camel

pale blue camel eye color
pale blue eye color


And there you have it, the most common camel colors!

Camels are usually yellow, orange, brown, but can be black, grey, and white. Camel color is popular in fashion and has RGB values of (193, 154, 107) and Hex #C19A6B. 

Camel’s eyes can be brown, black, blue, and sometimes pale, and their tongue is usually pale pink and grey colored.

We hope that you found the article interesting and that now you know the answer to the question “what color are camels”.


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