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8 Places With Quail For Sale In Pennsylvania

Looking for places to buy a quail in Pennsylvania (PA)? 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy breeder shouldn‘t be a problem as there are several options in the state. When selecting one, make sure to visit in person, read online reviews, or request a video call verification before paying for anything. There are many scammers out there.

Here’s the list of breeders operating in the state of Pennsylvania selling quails to help you find the best cock, hen, chick, or hatching eggs, depending on your needs and the offer.

Quail Breeders In Pennsylvania

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
Shanny Farms State College, PA814-380-2299
Tully River Quail Reading, PA 484-325-6678 Facebook Page
The Dinosaur Omelette Lancaster, PA 484-855-0582Facebook Page
Zukovich Game Birds Barnesville, 
Smith Farm McAlisterville, PA
Delp’s Gamebird Hatchery Brookville, PA​
Freehling Farms Kittanning, PA 724-664-7403Facebook Page
Delbo Farms Danville, PA

1. Shanny Farms 

  • Address: State College, Pennsylvania
  • Phone: 814-380-2299
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: $15 for adult females and $10 for adult males – more information available on inquiry

Shanny Farms is a quail breeder from State College, Pennsylvania. This family-owned business opened in 2021 and sells live birds and quail eggs. Adult males start at $10, adult females at $15 each, and week-old chicks at $5; their fresh quail eggs sell at $6 per dozen. Shanny Farms also sells quail meat for $16.99 per pound – contact them for pickup or local delivery.

2. Tully River Quail 

Tully River Quail is a quail breeder located in Reading PA. They specialize in jumbo coturnix and bobwhite quail, quail chicks, and hatching eggs. They also offer incubation services, cages, equipment, and much more. Visit their Facebook page for more information about the available birds; they also offer to ship hatching eggs.

3. The Dinosaur Omelette 

  • Address: Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Phone: 484-855-0582  
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

This family business with an interesting name is from Lancaster County, PA. The owners of The Dinosaur Omelette, Christopher and Angela raise and sell jumbo coturnix quail, among other animals. They often post about available birds on their Facebook page – you will find more information there. 

4. Zukovich Game Birds 

  • Address: 91 Fairview St, Barnesville, Pennsylvania 18214 
  • Phone: 570-386-5100
  • Email:
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Located in Eastern Pennsylvania, Zukovich Game Birds has been raising game birds for the last 30 years. According to their website, they have over 100,000 birds, including quail, pheasants, chukars, and redlegs. 

The owners, Zack Zawada & CJ Rohde have quail available year-round that can be picked up in person or shipped (via USPS). You can find a pricing list on their website – payments can be made via check or credit card.

5. Smith Farm 

  • Address: McAlisterville, Pennsylvania
  • Phone: 717-463-0149 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: $8 for adult females and $6 for adult males – more information available on inquiry

Smith Farm is a small-scale family farm from McAlisterville, PA. They have a long tradition lasting since 1792 and raise and sell quail, pork, ducks, and poultry. Smith Farm keeps jumbo coturnix quail and offers both live birds and eggs. 

12 eggs cost around $3, 50 eggs are $11, adult females are $8, and adult males are $6. They also offer breeding colonies in case you are looking to start your own quail business; a small one (10 females and 3 males) will cost you $85 while a bigger one (25 females and 5 adult males) will be $195 – visit their website for the most current pricing. 

6. Delp’s Gamebird Hatchery 

  • Address: 1398 Hunters Grove Rd, Brookville, Pennsylvania 15825
  • Phone: 814-849-3430 
  • Email: n/a
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Delp’s Game Bird Hatchery is located in Brookville, PA. They keep quail eggs, chukars, and pheasants, and also sell adult birds in the fall. 

Delp’s Game Bird Hatchery raises bobwhite quail and offers to ship your order. If you are looking for a large amount of birds, they might be an interesting option. Their chicks cost $100 per 100, $200 per 250, and $600 per 1000, adult birds cost $6-$6.5 each, depending on the season, while their quail eggs cost $400 (+shipping) per 1000 eggs – payments can be made via credit card or check. Visit their website for more information.

7. Freehling Farms

  • Address: 570 Lemmon Hollow Road, Kittanning, Pennsylvania 16201
  • Phone: 724-664-7403 
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Freehling Farms is a farm selling chickens, started pullets, turkeys, guineas, and ducks. They also offer jumbo coturnix quail, both live birds and eggs. Their adult quail costs around $6 for a male or a female while their fertile eggs cost $8 per 12. They accept reservations for their birds – payments can be made via Paypal or cash. Visit their Facebook page to learn more.

8. Delbo Farms  

  • Address: Danville, Pennsylvania 17821
  • Phone: 570-275-1999 
  • Email:
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Delbo Farms raises coturnix Japanese quail and sells their meat and eggs. They are located in Danville, PA. According to their website, their mission is to raise quail in a natural, kind, and humane fashion without antibiotics, growth hormones, and other drugs.

Additional Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Quail To Buy In PA? 

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Alabama (AL), California (CA), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Ohio (OH), South Carolina (SC), and Texas (TX).

Are You Selling Quail In PA And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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And there you have it! 8 places with quail for sale in Pennsylvania (PA). Whether you are looking for live birds, hatching eggs, or meat, you should find them in the state with ease.

Keeping quail as pets or for farming purposes can offer several benefits. Because of their smaller size, you can raise them in limited spaces such as backyards or balconies. 

Quail are also prolific egg layers that produce (according to some sources) over 200 eggs a year. Their eggs and meat are also very nutritious and rich in protein, vitamins C and A, selenium, riboflavin, and iron. Just keep in mind that quail eggs are around 5 times smaller than chicken eggs in volume, so you need to eat a lot of quail eggs before this extra nutrition adds up.

Quails are also relatively quiet birds, and their soft cooing is unlikely to disturb your neighbors. They are also easy to raise and require less specialized knowledge or equipment, making them an ideal option for beginners. 

Finally, keeping quail can be a source of entertainment for both children and adults. Watching these small birds can provide hours of amusement, making them a valuable addition to any household.

Before purchasing a quail, do your research, don’t get scammed by people only pretending to sell the birds, and be prepared to provide the necessary care and attention that these animals require.

We take our quail directory seriously – please send us a message if we’ve helped you find a proper animal or if you had any negative experiences with any of the breeders mentioned here.

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