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23 Pictures Of Baby Camels To Brighten Your Day

In case you were having a bad day, or just want to enjoy some cute baby camel photos, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are 23 camel baby images, handpicked just for you.

Photos of these calves have been taken in zoos and deserts.

You will see photos of them alone, but also together with parents.

Baby camels are quite attached to their parents and will live with them for a couple of years before moving on.


P.S. All of these camel baby photos are free for commercial use in case you wish to download them.

Two-Humped Camel With Its Calves Chilling In The Sun

two humped camel with camel calves

Two-Humped Baby Camel Playing With Another Camel

two humped baby camel playing with another camel

Same Camel Feeding On Milk Now

two humped baby camel feeding on milk

Cute Looking Camel Baby

cute camel baby

Newborn Baby Camel With Mother In The Sahara Desert

Newborn baby camel with mother in the Sahara

Dromedary Camel Calf With Mother Chilling On Sand

dromedary camel calf with mother sitting on sand

And Another Cute Camel Baby Calf Looking For Food

cute camel baby calf

An Entire Dromedary Camel Family With Calves Lying On The Ground

camel family with calves lying on the groud

Newborn Camel Calf With Its Mother Taking First Steps

dromedary camel calf with mother walking

Camel Calf With Mother In Desert Being Cautious

camel calf with mother in desert

Just Another Camel Calf Being Sassy

camel calf looking in front

Camel Baby Following A Mother Camel That Is Grazing In The Desert (So Attached)

camel baby following a camel that is grazing in desert

Did you know? Dromedary camels like these know how to swim! Read our article on the swimming dromedary camels.

Brown Dromedary Camel Baby

brown dromedary camel calf

Blue Eyed Dromedary Camel Baby Sitting In Sand

blue eyed dromedary camel baby sitting in sand

Same Calf But Now Looking Away From You

blue eyed camel sitting on the sand looking away

Black And White Photo Of A Camel Baby

black and white camel baby

Baby Camel Sucking

baby camel sucking on milk

Cute Looking Camel

cute baby camel looking at you

Baby Camel Grunting

baby camel grunting in desert

Stopped In The Middle Of Lunch To Be Photographed

baby camel feeding on camel milk
Source: AhmedAlAwadhi7, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons | If you decide to use this photo, you’ll need to credit the author

“Don’t Mind Me, Just Eating My Grass And Looking Goofy”

cute baby camel calf eating branches and grass

Camel Crying Because of The Desert Heat

baby camel crying

When You Got The Swag

baby camel between camels looking in front

Hope you’ve enjoyed these cute pictures!

Want to learn more about camels?

Feel free to read our article on a camel with three and four humps and also on camel sleeping habits.

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