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25 Places With Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale In TX

Looking to buy Nigerian dwarf goats in Texas (TX)?

Finding a reputable and trustworthy goat breeder can sometimes be difficult, but there are plenty of options in the state. 

To select the best Nigerian dwarf goat and ensure that it is in good condition, make sure to visit the breeders, ranches, or farms in person and request a video call verification before paying for anything in advance.

Here’s the list of top breeders registered in the state of Texas that are selling Nigerian dwarf goats to help you find the best buck, doe, or mini baby goat, depending on your needs and the offer. 

Best Places With Nigerian Dwarf Goats For Sale In Texas

Farm NameAddressTel. NumberWebsite
Serendipity AcresSunset,
Hur CompanyCumby,
Dew Drop FarmGatesville, TX254-404-5001Facebook Page
Little Sprouts FarmRosebud, TX
Aries NigeriansSpring TX
Texas SkyzSan Antonio, TX n/
Kazmir KountryCedar Creek, TX
Dixie Blue – Nigerian Dwarf GoatsLone Oak, TX
The Lost Shoe RanchWills Point,
MerryTale FarmWeatherford, TX
Roxie The Crazy Goat LadyHamilton, TX
Sixshooter FarmsAustin, TX
Dill FarmNewark, TXn/
Emerald C RanchGainesville,
Story Tails FarmNatalia, TX n/
Revelation RanchBrenham,
Ardor Wood FarmRed Rock,
Sunny MeadowWest,
ROSE Therapeutic FarmBrookshire,
Creekwood AcresMagnolia, TXn/
Salt Creek Ranch Dairy GoatsSeguin, TXn/
Flat Rock FarmAzle, TXn/
Short on HeavenParadise,
MoonRiver GoatsFredericksburg,
Barzillai FarmAledo,

1. Serendipity Acres 

Serendipity Acres is a farm located in Sunset, Texas. It opened in 2009. The owners raise registered Nigerian dwarf goats, specializing in show-quality ones. Occasionally they might have some pet quality does or wethers for sale; for more information check their website or contact them in person.

Additional information: Checking goats in person is availably by appointment only. The farm offers special discounts for Alvord FFA and 4-H kids.

  • Address: 412 TX-511 Spur, Sunset, TX 76270
  • Phone: 940-577-2401
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the Available Kids page on their website

2. Hur Company 

Hur Company is a farm located in Cumby, Texas. The owner, Kimberley Hur, breeds and sells Nigerian dwarf, Nubian, & mini Nubian dairy goats, among other animals. 

The farm currently has 50+ registered show-quality Nigerian dwarf goats, 50 registered champion Nubian milking goats, cattle, horses, Anatolian Shepherd Livestock dogs, and other animals. 

  • Address: Cumby, Texas 75433
  • Phone: 940-453-0310
  • Email: n/a
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry

3. Dew Drop Farm 

The Dew Drop Farm is a veteran-owned farm located in Gatesville, Texas. It opened in 2011 and offers healthy little goats and goat products. The farm is a member of the American Goat Society (AGS)  and the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

Dew Drop Farm sells Nigerian dwarf goat dams and does, as well as babies (kids). If you want to buy a registered Nigerian dwarf goat, you will need to contact the owner to be placed on a list – there is no list for unregistered goats. 

  • Address: 106 Mountain Dew Gatesville, TX 76528
  • Phone: 254-404-5001
  • Email: n/a
  • Website: Facebook Page
  • Price: Available upon inquiry

4. Little Sprouts Farm 

Little Sprouts Farm is a small family-owned farm located in Rosebud, Central Texas. It was established in 2008 and raises many kinds of animals, all of which are heritage breeds. The family operating the farm is doing their best to give the animals they raise a natural, free, happy, stress-free lifestyle and environment.

The farm sells registered and unregistered Nigerian Dwarf goats, Mini Nubian, Mini LaMancha goats, Jacob sheep, chickens, turkeys, ducks, guinea fowl, Jersey & Golden Gurnsey cows, and registered KuneKune pigs.

5. Aries Nigerians 

Aries Nigerians is a farm located in the piney woods of SE Texas. The owner, Jennifer Herrscher, owns a medium-sized herd of purebred Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. She is trying to breed animals true to the standards established by the ADGA, which means correct conformation and very dairy characteristics. 

Additional information: The farm’s Nigerian goats are registered with the American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA). A non-refundable deposit of 1/2 the purchase price of the goat is required to hold a goat.

  • Address: 24251 Lenze Road Spring TX 77389
  • Phone: 281-615-8667
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Different prices and options available – visit the Kidding Schedule page on the website or contact them directly

6. Texas Skyz 

Texas Skyz is a small family-run farm located in San Antonio, Texas. The owners focus on breeding and selling quality Nigerian dwarf dairy goats and mini rex rabbits. 

Additional information: All animal pick-ups are by appointment only. They health test yearly their goats and their whole herd is CAE, CL & Johne’s Disease negative.

  • Address: San Antonio, TX 78253
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: $500 for registered and $120-$200 for unregistered goats – visit the Currently Available page on their website

7. Kazmir Kountry 

Kazmir Kountry is a 25-acre farm located in Cedar Creek, Texas, just east of Austin. The owners, Stacy and Cliff Kazmir, began their “goat journey” in 2013. They strive to raise friendly, lovable, healthy goats.

The farm sells AGS/ADGA registered and non-registered Nigerian Dwarfs for a show, as a pet, for 4-H, or to get milk.

Additional information: The farm only breeds for spring Nigerian dwarf goat kids.

  • Address: Cedar Creek, TX 78612
  • Phone: 512-689-2555
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Various options available – visit the Sale Barn page on their website

8. Dixie Blue – Nigerian Dwarf Goats 

Dixie Blue is a farm located in Lone Oak, Texas. It strives to produce hardy, healthy goats while bettering the Nigerian Dwarf breed. Their goats freely graze and rotate on large pastures. They keep a closed herd and deworm their goats based on physical signs and fecal tests, not on a schedule. 

The Dixie Blue farm sells registered Nigerian dwarf goats – they often update their site with available animals and have an option to reserve a goat.

Additional information: All Nigerian dwarf goats are registered in ADGA and AGS.

  • Address: Lone Oak, Texas 75453
  • Phone: 903-269-0256
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the Kidding Schedule page on their website

9. The Lost Shoe Ranch 

The Lost Shoe Ranch was founded by Sherry McEwan in August 2014. It is located just over 50 miles East of the Dallas area in Texas. The ranch got its name after a brand new flip flop mysteriously disappeared the day the owners moved out to the ranch. 

The ranch spans 18 acres of land, where pygmy and Nigerian dwarf goats roam freely. The owner is committed to protecting the environment while raising goats, focusing on sustainable practices, humane goat treatment, superb farm products, and nurturing customer service.

The Lost Shoe Ranch breeds pygmy goats and Nigerian dwarf goats for sale – for information on the available animals, contact the ranch.

  • Address: Wills Point, Texas 75169
  • Phone: 214-982-1610
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry

10. MerryTale Farm

MerryTale Farm is an ADGA Plus dairy goat farm located in Weatherford, Texas. The farm raises and sells show-quality registered Nigerian Dwarfs and Alpines. It also participates in shows, milk tests, and linear appraisals. They have a kidding schedule on their website.

Additional information: The farm is licensed to sell raw goat milk for animal consumption. All goats tested CAE negative, and all kids are disbudded, vaccinated, and tattooed before leaving the farm.

A non-refundable 50% deposit will hold the animal for up to 2 weeks while pick-up arrangements are being made.

  • Address: Weatherford, Texas
  • Phone: 812-603-2741
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: $150 for unregistered, from $350-$800 for registered goats – visit the For Sale page on their website

11. Sixshooter Farms 

The Sixshooter Farms is a small hobby farm located in the beautiful hill country of Austin, Texas. There, the family of eight raises Nigerian Dwarf and African Pygmy goats. The owners, Marche and Brad Boone, have an affection for breeding these miniature pets. All of their animals are well-socialized by being handled frequently from the day they are born.

The Sixshooter Farms breeds Nigerian dwarf and pygmy goats for sale – for information on the available animals, contact them directly as the information on the website might not be up-to-date.

12. Roxie The Crazy Goat Lady 

Roxie The Crazy Goat Lady is a ranch located in Hamilton, Texas. It started with a pet goat that wore diapers in a house and turned into a goat breeding business. The barn the goats are in is climate-controlled so any animal doesn’t feel too hot or too cold.

The owner, Roxie, is very careful about rotating billys and does not line breed (breed relatives to get good traits). The focus on the ranch is health first; the traits come second.

Roxie sells Nigerian dwarf goats and pygmy crosses – to get one, you will need to be placed on a waiting list. She does not overbreed her goats which makes it hard to predict what goats will be up for sale.

Additional information: All of the goats are organically wormed. 

  • Address: Hamilton, Texas 76565
  • Phone: 214-675-3089
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry

13. Dill Farm

Dill Farm is located in Newark, just north of Fort Worth, Texas. The goal of the owners is to produce healthy and family-friendly animals. The farm raises Nigerian Dwarf goats, llamas, and chickens. They offer a clean and disease-free herd.

  • Address: Newark, TX 76071
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the Sale Barn page on their website

14. Emerald C Ranch 

Emerald C Ranch is a 48-acre ranch located in Gainesville, Texas. Together with a herd of goats, the farm has several cats, two guard dogs, and a varying number of chickens. They own several champion goats and have many does who have earned their milk stars. 

The ranch primarily breeds Nigerian Dwarf goats for show, milk, sale, and companionship.

Additional information: The farm no longer sells individual goats to homes that do not already have goats. They are also ADGA Plus members who participate in DHI milk tests, and Linear Appraisal.

The owners do not take reservations or deposits prior to a kid being born, however, there is a waiting list. Priority is given to ADGA Plus and ADGA performance program herds.

  • Address: 1282 Co Rd 263, Gainesville, TX 76240
  • Phone: 940-580-9226
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the Sale Barn page on their website

15. Story Tails Farm 

The Story Tails Farm is located in the city of Natalia, in South Central Texas, just south of San Antonio. The farm raises and sells ADGA-registered Nigerian dwarf dairy goats for shows, for milk, and as companions.

Additional information: Their entire herd of adult goats has tested negative for CAE, CL, AND Johnes via TVMDL or UBBRL. All outside goats under 6 months brought into the herd come from negative tested herds and parents.

16. Revelation Ranch 

Revelation Ranch is located in Brenham, Texas. Its story began in 2004 and the owners, Troy and Maggie Brown, are huge animal lovers. Maggie is also a veterinarian. They are members of the ABGA, ADGA, and ADMS.

The ranch raises and sells donkeys, Boer goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, and cattle.

Additional information: The goats are tested annually and the entire herd is CAE, Johnes, and CL negative. Bucklings must be picked up no later than 8 weeks of age and doelings no later than 12 weeks of age. Boarding is $2.00/day additional (up to one month).

17. Ardor Wood Farm 

Ardor Wood Farm is located in Red Rock, Texas. Since purchasing the farm in 2015, the owners, Karen and Graham, have been working to create an oasis for wildlife. Working in partnership with the National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS), they are doing their best to improve the land by building nesting boxes, farming without pesticides, etc.

The farm specializes in raising and selling show-quality, award-winning Nigerian dwarf goats with an emphasis on strong milk lines. They are members of the National Dairy Goat Association, the American Goat Society, and the Miniature Dairy Goat Association.

  • Address: 300 Lockwood Rd. Red Rock, TX 78662
  • Phone: 209-985-0679
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the For Sale page on their website or contact them directly for more information

18. Sunny Meadow 

Sunny Meadow is a small farm located in central Texas. On their journey to becoming more self-sufficient, the owners discovered the Nigerian dwarf and later the Oberhasli goats (medium-sized dairy goats) which they raise and sell. They are embers of AGS and ADGA.

Additional information: Their goat herd tested negative for Brucella Abortus, Q-Fever, CAE, Leptospirosis, John’s, and Malignant Catarrhal Fever.

19. ROSE Therapeutic Farm 

ROSE Therapeutic Farm is a 12-acre property located in Brookshire, Texas. The farm sells baby Nigerian dwarf goats with excellent milking lines, and also owns horses, mini pigs, chickens, rabbits, and a friendly bull named Daryl.

Their Nigerian baby goats are weaned and ready to change owners at around 12 weeks of age.

Additional information: The ROSE farm holds goat yoga classes, family farm tours, baby goat snuggle sessions, and pumpkin carving with goats. A deposit of $50 is due to hold the animal until weaning age.

  • Address: 1324 Peach Ridge Rd, Brookshire, TX 77423
  • Phone: 281-789-6577
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Starting at $175 for males and $225 for females – visit the Baby Goats page on their website for more information

20. Creekwood Acres

Creekwood Acres is a small farm on 10 acres, located in Magnolia, Texas. It has a few horses, dogs, cats, and chickens. The owners of the farm raise and sell quality Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk and the show ring. 

Additional information: All of their goats are CAE/CL/Johnes and TB negative. The farm requires a nonrefundable 50% deposit of the purchase price to hold your goat until you pick it.

21. Salt Creek Ranch Dairy Goats

Salt Creek Ranch Dairy Goats is a ranch located right on the Guadalupe River in Seguin, Texas. The ranch sells ADGA & AGS Registered Nigerian dwarf dairy goats, striving to produce happy, healthy and productive animals. 

They became an ADGA Plus herd in 2020 and are looking forward to seeing how their herd continues to improve through DHIR records, Linear Appraisals, and AGS Classification.

Additional information: The ranch requires a $100 non-refundable deposit when purchasing an animal.

  • Address: Seguin, TX
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the For Sale page on their website or contact them directly for more information

22. Flat Rock Farm  

Flat Rock Farm is located in Azle, Texas. It opened in 1987 and produces and sells correct and productive Nigerian dwarf dairy goats for the enjoyment of their owners and the betterment of the breed. They have a kidding schedule on their website so you can plan your next goat. 

They require a deposit fee of $200 for an animal.

Additional information: All animals are sold with ADGA registration papers; the price includes transport.

  • Address: Azle, TX
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the For Sale page on their website

23. Short on Heaven

Short on Heaven is a farm located in Paradise, Texas (about an hour from Dallas/Fort Worth). This family business has been breeding animals since 2008. They sell registered Nigerian Dwarfs and LaMancha dairy goats.

Additional information: Their herd is tested annually for CAE and intermittently for other diseases. They also participate in ADGA DNA Typing and ADGA Linear Appraisal.

  • Address: Paradise, TX 76073
  • Phone: 940-231-0075
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Starting at $600 for does and $1,500 for herd sires – visit the Kidding Schedule page on their website

24. Barzillai Farm 

The Barzillai Farm is a small hobby farm in Aledo, Texas. They started out with a couple of doelings in 2016. 

The farm now raises and sells purebred, show-quality Nigerian dwarf goats.

  • Address: Aledo, TX
  • Phone: 817-559-9693
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the Kids page on their website

25. MoonRiver Goats 

MoonRiver Goats is a small farm in Fredericksburg, Texas. What started with one lonely Nigerian Dwarf Milk goat, turned into a herd of five. The owners keep a completely closed herd.

Additional information: All sales are by appointment only. The goats on the farm tested CAE, CL, Johnes, and Q fever negative. 

  • Address: Fredericksburg, TX 78624
  • Phone: 830-456-0950
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Price: Available upon inquiry – visit the For Sale page on their website

Additional Texas Nigerian Dwarf Goats Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Nigerian Dwarf Goat To Buy in Texas?

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC), and Ohio (OH).

Are You Selling Dwarfs In Texas And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

Interested In Buying Other Animals In Texas?

Here are:

Benefits of Owning Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Owning Nigerian Dwarf goats can be rewarding, especially for those interested in dairy production and small-scale farming. However, it’s essential to be aware of their specific needs and challenges to ensure their well-being and productivity.

Manageable Size:

  • Small stature makes Nigerian Dwarf goats easy to handle and suitable for small properties or urban settings.
  • Ideal for families with limited space.

Dairy Production:

  • Known for high milk production relative to their size.
  • Rich, sweet milk is excellent for cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products.
  • Suitable for home dairies or small-scale cheese making.

Friendly Temperament:

  • Generally gentle and sociable, making them great pets and suitable for families with children.
  • Easy to bond with and can be trained.


  • While primarily dairy goats, Nigerian Dwarf goats can also provide meat, although in smaller quantities compared to meat-specific breeds.

Economical Feed Requirements:

  • Efficient feed converters, meaning they require less food compared to larger breeds.
  • Reduced feed costs for owners.

Fertility and Breeding:

  • High fertility rates and ease of breeding.
  • Opportunity to raise kids for sale or to expand the herd.

Brush Clearing:

  • Effective at clearing unwanted vegetation on the property.
  • Can serve as natural lawnmowers.

Low Environmental Impact:

  • Produce less waste and require less pasture space, reducing their environmental footprint.
  • Suitable for sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices.

Downsides of Owning Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Lower Meat Yield:

  • Smaller size results in less meat per animal compared to larger meat goat breeds.
  • May not be ideal for those primarily interested in meat production.

High Energy Level:

  • Active and curious goats may require secure fencing to prevent escapes.
  • Can be challenging to contain if not properly confined.

Regular Milking Required:

  • Daily milking is necessary to maintain milk production and prevent health issues.
  • May not be suitable for owners who cannot commit to daily milking.

Health Concerns:

  • Susceptible to various health issues, including parasites and hoof problems.
  • Require regular veterinary care and attention to maintain their health.

Limited Market for Meat:

  • While they can provide meat, the market for Nigerian Dwarf goat meat is smaller than for other meat goat breeds.
  • Selling meat may be more challenging.

Selective Breeding Challenges:

  • Maintaining breed standards for Nigerian Dwarf goats can be challenging, as size and color traits can vary within the same breed.
  • Breeding for specific traits may require careful selection and planning.


  • Can be noisy, especially during breeding season or when separated from their herd.
  • May not be suitable for noise-sensitive environments.

Social Animals:

  • Nigerian Dwarf goats are social animals and may become stressed or lonely if kept alone.
  • Owners should consider keeping them in pairs or small groups.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it! 25 great places where you can purchase your next Nigerian dwarf goat in Texas (TX). 

Make sure to call (at reasonable hours) and check if the seller currently has any available for sale, see the animal in person, or request a video call verification, before paying for anything in advance. 

Nigerian dwarfs are great pets since they are friendly, easy to handle, social, and love to play. You can keep them as livestock, show animals, or as a companion for the kids and elderly.

When selecting one, take your time in picking a healthy and well-behaving animal.

We wish you luck in buying a goat – feel free to send us a message if we helped you find a proper one.

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