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5 Places With Miniature Donkeys For Sale In CA

Looking for places to buy a miniature donkey in California (CA)? 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy breeder shouldn’t take much effort as there are several options in the state. To select the best donkey and ensure it is in good condition, visit the breeders, ranches, or farms in person, buy from reputable sellers, and request a video call verification before paying for anything. There are many scammers out there.

Here’s the list of California breeders selling miniature donkeys to help you find the best jack, jennet, or foal, depending on your needs and the offer.

Miniature Donkey Breeders in California

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys Lincoln, CA 916-803-9915
Gails Mini-Donkey Ranch Los Molinos, CA 530-384-1318
Wee-Ass-Haven Pigeon Pass, CA n/
Paradise Ranch Auburn, CA 916-765-0470 
Seein’ Spots Farm Solvang, CA

1. Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys

  • Address: 4384 Godley Road, Lincoln, California 95648 
  • Phone: 916-803-9915 
  • Email:
  • Website: 
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: Starting at $3,000 – more information available on inquiry

Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys is located in Lincoln, CA. The owners, Chet and Lucie Morrell raise and sell miniature donkeys that are “healthy, happy, and with great conformation and outstanding dispositions.” 

They currently keep a herd of around 30 animals and have foals arriving year-round. Mossy Oak Miniature Donkeys keeps their website updated with all of the available animals; their mini donkeys start at $3,000. They keep a waiting list for upcoming foals – to be added, just email them.

2. Gails Mini-Donkey Ranch 

  • Address: Los Molinos, California 96055
  • Phone: 530-384-1318 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: Starting at $2,800 – more information available on inquiry

Gails Mini-Donkey Ranch is a miniature donkey breeder located in Los Molinos, Northern California. They have been in the business for over 30 years and offer registered Mediterranean miniature donkeys for sale year-round. 

Their prices start at $2,800 and each donkey comes vaccinated, wormed, trained, and with trimmed hooves – you can see the list of available and upcoming ones on their website. They also have live donkey cameras at their ranch you can check out on their website.

3. Wee-Ass-Haven 

  • Address: Pigeon Pass, California 92557
  • Phone: n/a 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Wee-Ass-Haven is located in Southern California. The owners, Gene and Susan Stauffer raise and sell Mediterranean miniature donkeys with “complete pedigrees, conformation, command performance, color, and considerate behavior.” 

According to their website, the donkeys are up-to-date on worming, vaccinations and hoof trimming, microchipped, and registered with the American Donkey & Mule Society (ADMS). They are open for visitors by appointment, in case you wish to see their animals in person.

4. Paradise Ranch

  • Address: Auburn, California 95602 
  • Phone: 916-765-0470 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: n/a
  • Price: $4,000-$4,500 – more information available on inquiry

Paradise Ranch is a family-owned business located in the foothills of Auburn, in northern California. According to their website, they raise and sell ADMS-registered Mediterranean miniature donkeys and Nigerian dwarf dairy goats. 

They offer their miniature donkey foals for $4,000 (for jacks) and $4,500 (for jennets), on a first-come, first-served basis. You will need to pay a $1,500 non-refundable deposit to reserve an animal with the full payment due prior to pick up. Visit their website for a list of available donkeys.

Keep in mind that you should hop on a video call with any of the breeders before paying for anything in advance, just to stay on the safe side.

5. Seein’ Spots Farm 

  • Address: Solvang, California 93463
  • Phone: 805-688-2275 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook
  • Price: More information available on inquiry

Seein’ Spots Farm is a small family farm located in Santa Ynez Valley, some 30 minutes north of Santa Barbara. They mostly focus on rescuing donkeys and offer some of them to good homes. 

According to their website, they always have miniature donkey geldings available – email them for a current listing, and keep in mind that most of the breeders will only sell mini donkeys in pairs unless you already have a companion for them at home.

Additional Miniature Donkey Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Miniature Donkey To Buy in CA? 

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Colorado (CO), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Indiana (IN), Michigan (MI), Missouri (MO), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), Texas (TX), and Virginia (VA).

Are You Selling Miniature Donkeys In CA And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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Final Thoughts

And there you have it! 5 places with miniature donkeys for sale in California (CA).

Miniature donkeys make great pets since they don’t require as much space, care, or expense as a full-size donkey. They are lovable and gentle creatures that do excellent around children and other people. 

As with all other animals, owning one is a commitment, so if you decide to get one, ensure appropriate accommodation and food to keep your pet comfortable.

Make sure to call and see if the farm currently has miniature donkeys available for sale, check the animal in person, and take a veterinarian with you to inspect the animal, if the seller allows it. Stay safe from scammers and always ask for a video call verification before paying for anything.

We take our miniature donkey directory seriously  – please send us a message if we’ve helped you find a proper animal or if you had any negative experiences with any of the breeders mentioned here.

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