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25 Llama Memes (Jokes Funny As Hell!)

Llamas are some of the funniest creatures in the world; some would call them a true meme. 

And if you are looking for funny llama memes and jokes, this is the best page you will open today.

We just LOVE jokes and memes about llamas.

Here are some of the best ones we have come across. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and lean back. It’s time for a good laugh!

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1. This Llama Has No Time For Your Drama

this llama has no time for your drama meme

2. Soon…

soon llama meme

3. Oh, She Is Definitely Mad

when your llama girlfriend is mad meme

4. Boys Will Be Boys

please dont stare funny llama meme

5. Omg, Happy Birthday

omg its your birthday llama meme

6. Hello, Happy Birthday

happy birthday funny llama photo

7. Do Not Mess With A Llama. Great Hairstyle Tho.

what happens when you mess with a llama meme

8. Old People And Selfies

old people taking selfies llama meme

9. Every Llama Loves Compliments

me wanting to get compliments llama meme

10. Love At First Sight Llama

llama love at first sight meme

11. I’m Not Drunk, I Just Found A Penny On The Ground!

look a penny llama meme

12. But First, Llama Take A Selfie

but first let me take a selfie llama meme

13. Wrong Neighbourhood Gang Meme

you came to the wrong neighborhood llama alpaca meme

14. When You Stay Up Late.. For 3 Nights In A Row

lack of sleep doesnt affect me at all llama meme
Yup, it says “slep” instead of “sleep”

15. I Never Remember It

i will remember it surprised llama meme

16. Cute Llama Thinks You Are Cute

cute and funny llama alpaca baby meme

17. Don’t Even Try To Talk To Me Before I Have My Coffee

how i feel before my morning coffee llama meme

18. Llama Del Rey Approves

heavy metal llama meme

19. Run For Your Lives!

alpaca and llama funny meme alpacalipse and llamagedon

20. Hate When My Horse Steals My Phone And Runs Away

llama chasing a horse to give back phone meme

21. Excellent…

llama plotting evil plan meme

22. “Why Don’t You Let Your Younger Cousin Play With Your Phone?”
– NO.

kid llama wants to play games on phone meme

23. That’s One Handsome Llama, Not Even Joking

hot looking llama with blue eyes meme

24. Barack Ollama

barack obama llama meme

25. Find A Girl That Looks At You Like This Kid Looks At The Llama

cute llama baby and a kid meme

Fun Llama Jokes And Puns

  1. What do you call a fast llama? A llamaghini
  2. Why should you never buy anything from llamas? They’ll fleece you
  3. How do other animals ask a llama’s name? Como te llama
  4.  Did you hear about the woman who broke up with her boyfriend and moved to Peru? What a llama queen
  5. What do you call a secret group of llamas? The i-llama-nati
  6.  What sound does a llama’s doorbell make? Llama-llama-ding-dong
  7. Why did the pope invite an animal to go to the Vatican? Because the animal was the Dalai Llama
  8. Why didn’t the alpaca want coffee? He only drinks llamanade
  9. What is the name of a llama’s favorite actor? Al Pacacino
  10. Who is a llama’s favorite rapper? Kendrick Llama

Final Thoughts On Llama Memes And Jokes

And there you have it! Funny llama and alpaca memes and jokes. You can wish a happy birthday with one of these, share them with your friend, or use one as inspiration to create your own hilarious llama photo.

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