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How Much Are Camels Worth?

Camels are some of the most valued and most expensive animals on the planet. Depending on the breed (dromedary or Bactrian), sex (male or female), region (Africa, Middle East, Australia, America), age (baby or adult), camels are worth between $80 and $20,000. Some camels can reach values of over $50 million.

In the USA, a camel is worth between $5,000 and $25,000.

These animals have been an important part of many cultures throughout history. Because of their ability to survive in harsh desert conditions, their looks, leather, milk, and wool, they have been always valued highly. Camels are considered more loyal than dogs, and very affectionate towards their owners; it’s not hard to see why they are held in such high regard. 

In this article, we will answer the question “how much are camels worth”, and summarize their value in 17 different countries.

how much is a camel worth

How Much Are Camels Worth In The Middle East? 

The majority of camels in the Middle Eastern countries are dromedary. Camels there are worth between $315 and $2.7 million, depending on the country. 

The most expensive camel ever sold was from Kuwait and was sold for 16 million Kuwaiti dinars, which is about $53 million (over £39 million). According to various Middle Eastern sources, the dromedary camel Arnoun is the most expensive camel stallion in the world.

Let’s present the individual values of these beasts of burden in different Middle Eastern countries.

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Egypt?

Country: Egypt

Camel population: 150,000

Where to buy a camel: Draw and Birqash market

Camel price: $315-1,900

In Egypt, most camels that are sold are dromedary camels. Some of the biggest camel marketplaces in Egypt are in the city of Daraw, and the village of Birqash near Cairo.

The camel market of Daraw is known as Souq Al-Gimaal. The market is open every day, but the best sales are on Tuesday and Thursday. In Daraw, besides camels and their meat, cows, goats, and other livestock are being sold. It is said that between 2,000 and 12,000 camels are offered every week there. 

The price of a camel there is determined according to its age, shape, and stature.

A small camel in Egypt is worth around 5,000 Egyptian pounds ($315), an average-sized one is worth 12,000 pounds ($760), while the adult camel is worth around 30,000 pounds ($1,900). The price of a lactating camel is around 18,000 pounds ($1,150).

Camel price in the countryEgyptian PoundsUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Egypt

In Birqash, very smaller camels are sold for as little as 750 Egyptian pounds ($50), but bigger beasts are worth around 6,000 pounds ($380) and more.

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Dubai?

Country: United Arab Emirates (Dubai)

Camel population: 450,000

Where to buy a camel: Al Lisaili and Al Ain camel market

Camel price: $315-1,900

Dubai, one of the most popular cities in the United Arab Emirates, has a rich camel history. Camel racing and camel festivals are some of the most popular events in the country and multi-million dollars worth industries. 

The Emirati love for their “ships of the desert” dates from the time when Bedouins used camels for transportation in the desert, their meat, and milk. In UAE, camels were used as gifts on big social occasions like weddings, birthdays, and festivals. It is easy to understand why camels are considered a sign of wealth in Dubai. 

Dromedary camels in Dubai have a starting price of 3,000 and 4,500 UAE dirhams ($800-1,200). Hybrids cost around 10,000 dirhams ($2,700), while a 9-month-old calf is worth around 9,000 dirhams ($2,500). 

In Dubai, and the UAE, camel auctions are quite popular; camels there can reach extreme values.

Usually, the Dubai camel auctions start with around 20,000 dirhams ($5,500) for a male and around 30,000 dirhams (8,000 dollars) for a female. Because of their high value, camels can be sold for 6-10 million dirhams and more ($1.6-2.7 million dollars)

Generally, the selling price of camels on auctions ranges between 200,000 and 250,000 dirhams ($55,000-68,000).

Camel price in the countryEmirati dirhamsUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
UAE (Dubai)3,000-10 million$800-2.7 million£600-2 million€720-2.4 millionC$1,000-3.45 million
Camel price in Dubai (UAE)

It is easy to understand why Emirati people highly treasure their camels; some festivals can reach total prize money of over $60 million!

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Jordan?

Country: Jordan

Camel population: 11,000

Where to buy a camel: n/a

Camel price: $900-9,500

Camels in Jordan are one-humped dromedary ones. Throughout history, camels have been a source of riches for the nomadic tribes there. Their strength, endurance, and grace have served Bedouins for many years.

In Jordan, an 8-month-old calf is worth around 650 Jordanian dinars ($900), a two-year-old is around 1,000 dinars ($1,400), while strong male camels are around 2,500 dinars ($3,500). Some camels can reach a value of 6,800 dinars ($9,500).

Camel price in the countryJordanian dinarUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Jordan

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Tunisia?

Country: Tunisia

Camel population: 56,000

Where to buy a camel: n/a

Camel price: $730

Camels in Tunisia are very valued because of their milk yield. Dromedary camels in Tunisia provide about 7 liters of milk per day; some up to 9! They are also prized for their skin, meat, and hair that keeps you warm at night. Camel races are also popular in Tunisia.

On average, a camel in Tunisia is worth around 2,100 Tunisian dinars ($730), but the price can go a lot higher. 

Camel price in the countryTunisian dinarUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Tunisia

Unfortunately, not too much information on Tunisian camel prices is available.

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Israel?

Country: Israel

Camel population: 3,000-4,500

Where to buy a camel: n/a

Camel price: $1,950-16,000

Domesticated camels came to Israel around the 10th century B.C. Most of the camels there are one-humped dromedary ones. According to the Israeli Agriculture Ministry, the exact number of camels in Israel is not known, but it is estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,500. Most of these camels are females.

Camels in Israel are usually worth between 6,000 and 16,000 Israeli shekels ($1,950-5,200), depending on the age and condition of the camel. The value of a racing camel in Israel ranges from 15,000 to 20,000 shekels ($4,800-6,500); the best ones with a pedigree are estimated at 50,000 ($16,000).

Camel price in the countryIsraeli ShekelUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Israel

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Saudi Arabia?

Country: Saudi Arabia

Camel population: 1.4 million

Where to buy a camel: Al Qassim and the Riyad camel market

Camel price: $1,800-1 million+

Similar to other wealthy countries of the Middle East, Saudi Arabia also has a rich camel history. Archeologists recently discovered camel images carved into desert rocks in northwestern Saudi Arabia that were 7,000 to 8,000 years old, older than the Pyramids of Giza or even Stonehenge.

Bedouins of the Arabian Peninsula considered camels key to their culture, wealth, and wellbeing. It is not hard to understand why Saudi Arabian people organize camel festivals and camel races with prize money of over $66 million and have 14,000 camels participating.

Some of the bigger camel markets in KSA are the Al Qassim Camel Market and the Riyad camel market.

Average camels in Saudi Arabia are usually worth between 15,000 and 25,000 Saudi riyals ($4,000-6,600). Some calves are sold for little as 7,000 riyals ($1,800), while a 4-year-old white camel is valued at around 25,000 ($6,600). Some camel breeds generate a lot of money for their owners, and the price of one can reach about 4 million Saudi riyals ($1 million).

Camel price in the countrySaudi RiyalUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Saudi Arabia7,000-4 million$1,800-1 million£1,400-790,000€1,650-940,000C$2,300-1.3 million
Camel price in Saudi Arabia

Saudi people love camel auctions as well. Camels there can reach evaluations from 500,000 up to 2.6 million riyals ($133,000-690,000). What is interesting, is that many of the camel owners refuse to sell their treasured possession, even for several millions of riyals (dollars).

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Kuwait?

Country: Kuwait

Camel population: 10-15,000 (estimation)

Where to buy a camel: n/a

Camel price: $990-53 million

According to several Arabian sources, Kuwait has the world’s most expensive camel. The male stallion Arnoun was sold for a staggering 16 million Kuwaiti dinars ($53 million). The auction for the camel started around 4 million dinars, but soon it climbed to 16 million.

Not all camels in Kuwait are worth that much.

A four-month-old white calf is worth around 300 dinars ($990), a heavy female camel around 500 dinars ($1,650), while some can reach a price of 2,000 dinars ($6,600). Hybrids can reach prices of 3,000 and 4,000 dinars ($10,000-13,000).

Camel price in the countryKuwait DinarUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Kuwait300-16 million$990-53 million£730-39 million€880-46.8 millionC$1,250-67 million
Camel price in Kuwait

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Turkey?

Country: Turkey

Camel population: 1,700

Where to buy a camel: Online

Camel price: $900-9,000

For centuries camels were an important part of the cultural heritage of Turkey. Before, camels were used as pack animals, to transport goods, go to war, and for food. In the Ottoman Empire, the camel was generally associated with nomadic and seminomadic tribespeople.

Nowadays, camels in Turkey lost their value and are mostly used for camel wrestling and as a tourist attraction. In 1961, Turkey had around 65,000 camels; in 2018 it had around 1700. That’s a decline of 98%. 

A 3-year-old dromedary female camel in Turkey is worth around 20,000 Turkish lire ($1,500). A 15-year-old wrestling camel is worth about 55,000 lire ($4,000), while younger wrestling camels can reach an evaluation of about 120,000 lire ($9,000). The price of sacrificial camels varies between 12,000 and 20,000 lire ($900-1500), depending on their size.

Camel price in the countryTurkish liraUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Turkey

How Much Are Camels Worth In Africa?

Africa and the Middle East have some of the richest camel traditions in the world. Most of the camels there are one-humped ones. Out of 46 countries that declare themselves as camel countries, 20 are African. The exact number of camels there is unknown and is based on estimates for almost 70% of African countries.

A camel in Africa is worth between $150 and $6,500. They are the cheapest in Kenya ($150), while the most expensive camels can be bought in Morocco for around $6,500.

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Morocco?

Country: Morocco

Camel population: 200,000

Where to buy a camel: Guelmim market

Camel price: $1,300-6,500

Camels have been important creatures in Morocco for hundreds of years. They played a key role in Morocco’s rich trading past and transported goods and passengers through the desert. Some nomadic groups use camels for transport even today. 

Since 1961, their numbers have dropped. It is estimated that there are around 200,000 dromedary camels there. Morocco’s Guelmim market has grown to become one of the largest camel markets.

A camel in Morocco is worth around 15,000 Moroccan dirhams ($1,600). The prices of camels vary according to their type, age, and size, and sometimes the price of the finest camels exceeds 20,000 dirhams ($2,100). Some even reach prices of 60,000 dirhams ($6,500). The price of a sacrificial camel is around 12,000 ($1,300).

Camel price in the countryMoroccan dirhamUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Morocco

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Kenya?

Country: Kenya

Camel population: 3.1 million

Where to buy a camel: Moyale camel stock market

Camel price: $150-310

Kenya has the third largest dromedary population in Africa, estimated at 3,091,200 animals. Pastoral and nomadic communities in Kenya value camels for their food and milk. The camel meat and milk industry are worth around $11 million there.

Because camels can survive for days without water or food, and because they eat 100% natural forage, more and more Kenyans are switching from keeping cattle to camels.

In Kenya, camels are worth between 17,000 and 35,000 Kenyan shillings ($150-310) depending on age, sex, body condition, and market supply and demand. Breeding females are valued at around 10,000-27,000 ($90-240), while breeding male camels are worth 8,000-28,0000 shillings ($80-250).

Camel price in the countryKenyan shillingUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Kenya

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Somalia?

Country: Somalia

Camel population: 7.1 million

Where to buy a camel: Camel market in Jowhar, Jigjiga, and Baidoa

Camel price: $500–1000

Somalia has the world’s largest camel population, estimated at around 7.1 million dromedary camels. Around 60% of the country’s population are pastoralists, herding camels and other livestock.

As one newspaper puts it: prized for their milk, meat, and also as a means of transport, camels are at the heart of Somali traditional life and economy. The camel is present in traditional songs and folklore, it is a symbol of status and prosperity, and is often exchanged in marriages or for a dispute settlement.

In Somalia, camels weighing 660 lbs (300 kg) are worth around 400,000 Somali shillings ($700) per head. Some larger camel specimens are worth around 600,000 shillings ($1,000). Droughts and pandemics have caused the camel price to drop almost by half.

Camel price in the countrySomali shillingUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Somalia

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Nigeria?

Country: Nigeria

Camel population: around 20,000

Where to buy a camel: Achida and Sokoto Kara Markets

Camel price: $680-2,000

The one-humped camel dromedary camel is an important pack and ride, dairy and meat animal in semi-arid parts of Nigeria.

In 2013, Nigeria had a camel population of around 285,000 animals. In 2012, they had 14 times less, around 20,000. 

A camel in Nigeria costs between 280,000 and 800,000 Nigerian nairas ($680-2,000), depending on the size and age. Smaller camels are worth around 280,000 nairas, while strong healthy adult ones are between 550,000 and 800,000 ($1,300-2,000).

Camel price in the countryNigerian nairaUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Nigeria

How Much Are Camels Worth In America?

Although it seems improbable, America has a rich camel history. First camels originated in North America and later spread to other continents. 

A camel in America is worth between $5,500 and $25,000, depending on the breed and age.

How Much Is A Camel Worth In The USA?

Country: United States Of America

Camel population: around 3,000

Where to buy a camel: Online

Camel price: $5,500-25,000

Some 45 million years ago first camels appeared in northwest North America. And 6.5 million years ago camel ancestors moved into Asia and later spread into Europe and Africa. The last camel in the USA was Camelops, a camel that disappeared some 10,000 years ago.

The camels came back to the USA in the 19th century when a group of them was imported to help build roads. One of them was a famous camel called Tipsy. You can read her heartwarming story here

Nowadays, around 3,000 of these animals are distributed mainly on private farms and dairy farms in the USA. 

In the USA, a camel is worth between $5,500 and $25,000. A 10-month-old dromedary baby camel is worth between $5,500 and $10,000, a 5-year-old dromedary bull is around $12,500, while a hybrid dromedary camel costs around $7,000. A several-month-old Bactrian female camel is between $16,000 and $25,000.

If you live in the States, here are 2 great places to purchase your next camel in Texas.

Camel price in the countryUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in the USA

Further reading: Camel riding places in the United States

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Canada?

In Canada, to be able to own a camel, there’s a big list of requirements to fulfill. And just like the USA, Canada also has a rich camel history. The fossils of a High Arctic camel were recently discovered in the Strathcona Fiord area of Ellesmere Island. 

It is also worth mentioning Cariboo camels, the Bactrian camels that were used to carry weight during the Cariboo Gold Rush in 19th century Canada.

Not too much information on camel value is available in Canada, other than that an adult female camel was sold for C$20,700 ($16,250) at an auction in 2017.

Camel price in the countryUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Canada

How Much Is A Camel Worth In Australia?

Country: Australia

Camel population: around 300,000

Where to buy a camel: Online

Camel price: $230-930 (up to $10,000)

Australia has one of the larger (feral) dromedary populations in the world, with around 300,000 animals.

Camels got into Australia in the 19th century and were used by British pioneers to explore the arid Outback region. At the start of the 20th century, they were replaced by motorized vehicles and released into the wild. 

In Australia, a camel is worth on average around A$550 ($400). A younger camel is worth around A$1,300 ($930), while a 5-year-old female and a 16-months-old male are worth A$2,000 ($1,400) combined. A 3-year-old female camel is worth around A$450 ($320). 

A pure-bred white camel in Australia is worth from A$11,000 to A$14,000 ($8,000 to $10,000)

Camel price in the countryAustralian dollarUS DollarsBritish PoundsEurosCanadian Dollars
Camel price in Australia

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Final Thoughts

This concludes our article on camel worth and camel prices in different countries around the world. We gave camel population and camel value numbers for 17 different countries.

We hope you found the article interesting and that we managed to answer the question “how much are camels worth” properly.

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