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Fun Camel Quiz For The Entire Family

This is a difficult but very fun camel quiz.

There are 15 questions in total and only 90 seconds available.

Can you give an answer to every camel quiz question?

Be warned, some are easy, but some require real camel knowledge.

Let’s find out!

camel quiz

Pst! Wish to learn more about camels before doing the quiz?

Read our article on where the camels came from, or if camels can actually swim. Here’s one about camel’s nose, its tongue, and whether camels sleep. Or maybe just read our 5 quick points on camels.

Camel Quiz


You have 90 seconds to answer the questions correctly!

May the odds be in your favor!

dromedary camel calf with mother sitting on sand

Camel Quiz

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Can a camel completely close its nostrils at will?

2 / 15

How many camel (Camelus) species are there?

3 / 15

How many hours a day do camels usually sleep?

4 / 15

Can camels swim?

5 / 15

Where did camels originate?

6 / 15

Do camels have ears?

7 / 15

Can camels sleep standing up?

8 / 15

Are camels and llamas related?

9 / 15

What was the first camel called?

10 / 15

Did a four-hump camel ever exist?

11 / 15

What was the last camel that went extinct in North America?

12 / 15

Which country has the most camels in the world, over 7 million heads?

13 / 15

A Bactrian camel has more humps than a Dromedary one.

14 / 15

Are camels nocturnal or diurnal animals?

15 / 15

What does a camel store in its hump?

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