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5 Places With Flemish Giant Rabbits For Sale In GA

Looking for places to buy a Flemish giant rabbit in Georgia (GA)? 

Finding a reputable and trustworthy rabbit breeder might take you time as there are just a few options in the state. To select the best flemish giant rabbit and ensure it is in good condition, visit the breeders, ranches, or farms in person and only buy from reputable sellers. 

Here’s the list of top breeders registered in Georgia that are selling Flemish giants to help you find the best buck, doe, or kit, depending on your needs and the offer. 

Make sure to read until the end – we have listed some main things to remember when purchasing one.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Breeders In GA

Breeder NameLocationContact NumberWebsite
Cofield Farms Pine Mountain, GA 706-457-9923Facebook Page
Paradise Valley Farm Cleveland, GA 706-348-7279
Goat Farm Road Wrightsville, GA 256-590-5630Facebook Page
Into The Woods RabbitryDarien, GA n/aFacebook Page
Lilly In The Valley  Royston, GA 706-961-4969 Facebook Page

1. Cofield Farms 

  • Address: Pine Mountain, Georgia 31822 
  • Phone: 706-457-9923
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: More information available with inquiry

Cofield Farms is a rabbitry in Pine Mountain, GA, that raises and sells Flemish giant, rex, and mini rex rabbits. They are a closed rabbitry and do not allow visitors (for the safety and health of the animals). They handle their animals daily and their kits all come with transitional feed and care instructions. 

The owner, Sierra Lynn Cofield, sells bunnies on a first-come, first-served basis and requires a deposit to reserve an animal for you. Payments can be made in cash, Venmo, PayPal, or CashApp. Visit their Facebook page for news and updates on their bunnies and their Sales Policy.

2. Paradise Valley Farm  

  • Address: 2912 Paradise Valley Rd, Cleveland, Georgia 30528 
  • Phone: 706-348-7279 
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook and Instagram
  • Price: $175 – more information available with inquiry

Paradise Valley Farm is a Flemish giant breeder located in Cleveland, GA. A home to miniature livestock, rare breeds, and small exotic pets as they call themselves, they breed their rabbits from spring to fall each year. 

Paradise Valley Farm sells Flemish giants for around $175. To get a bunny, you will need to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit via PayPal – before placing a deposit, contact them about kit availability. The rest of the balance can be paid in cash (at pick-up), by card, PayPal, or a personal or cashier’s check. 

Together with Flemish giants, they also breed mini rex, lionhead, and Holland Lops. Before buying a bunny from this breeder, make sure to read all of their Google/Facebook reviews.

3. Goat Farm Road 

  • Address: 1582 Old Watermelon Road, Wrightsville, Georgia 31089
  • Phone: 256-590-5630
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook and Youtube
  • Price: More information available with inquiry

Goat Farm Road is a huge farm, just outside of Wrightsville, Georgia. They raise goats, sheep, ducks, guineas, chickens, geese, guardian dogs, and rabbits. 

Rabbit breeds they sell include Flemish giants, New Zealands, lionheads, mini rexes, and others. Visit their Facebook page for more information and contact them about pricing.

4. Into The Woods Rabbitry 

  • Address: Darien, Georgia
  • Phone: n/a
  • Email: n/a
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: More information available with inquiry

Into The Woods Rabbitry is a small business in SE Georgia. Although they focus on Holland lop, standard rex, and mini rex bunnies, this breeder also sells Flemish giants and Flemish giant crosses. 

Into The Woods is also a closed rabbitry but will work with transport businesses to deliver a kit to you. You will need to pay a 40% non-refundable deposit to reserve the animal with the remaining 60% due one week before pick-up or transport. They did not list their email/phone so you will need to contact them via their Facebook page.

5. Lilly In The Valley 

  • Address: Royston, Georgia 30520
  • Phone: 706-961-4969 
  • Email:
  • Website: n/a
  • Social Media: Facebook 
  • Price: More information available with inquiry

Lilly In The Valley is a rabbit farm from Royston, GA. They added Flemish giant rabbits to their colony and plan to start selling them from 2023. This breeder also keeps New Zealand, mini lop, rex bunnies, and crosses. Visit their Facebook page for more information.

Additional Flemish Giant Rabbit Listing Information

Can’t Find The Right Flemish Giant Rabbit To Buy in GA?

Feel free to check our list of breeders in Alabama (AL), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Florida (FL), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Maryland (MD), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Missouri (MO), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oklahoma (OK), Pennsylvania (PA), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), and Wisconsin (WI).

Are You Selling Flemish Giants In GA And Aren’t Listed Here?

Contact us here and we will add you to the list.

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Things To Know Before Buying A Flemish Giant Rabbit

The breed, as the name suggests, can reach a weight of up to 15 pounds. Their overall size makes them an attractive pet choice for potential owners, as well as their docile temperaments. 

Flemish giants can make great pets but they are not for everyone. They tend to live from 8 to 10 years – this means that they are a commitment.

You can keep your Flemish giant bunnies inside and outside; remember that you will need to spend some money on accommodation. If kept inside, you will need a litter box, litter, hay rack, food bowl, water bowl/bottle, and resting mat, among other things.

If you are a first-time flemish giant owner, you will need to spend from $30-$50 on rabbit housing, around $250 on spaying or neutering, $30-$50 on rabbit food, and $200+ on medication, vet visits, grooming, pet insurance.

After the initial purchase of the animal, housing, and other supplies, you will need to spend around $30-$50 a month on your flemish giant for food and some additional expenses.

Just like all rabbits, Flemish giants also require mental and physical stimulation. You will need to have some toys, tunnels, hides, and places for your rabbit to dig and forage if kept outside. Make sure to have enough space for your flemish giant to roam around your home and an area to lock up the bunny when you are away to keep the pet safe.

Rabbits are considered common pets but still, make sure you have established contact with a vet who will take care of your Flemish giant.

Flemish giants are docile, calm, and playful. Remember that they require a lot of hands-on care. Make sure to be around your pet and try hand-feeding your bunny at least once a day during the first few weeks of bringing it home.

You should always buy rabbits from reputable breeders and keep in mind that good breeders spend a lot on nutrition and care of the animal – this will add to the longevity of your animal but also the price. 

As with any other purchase, before buying a flemish giant rabbit, make sure to do a lot of research and not buy from the first place you visit.


And there you have it! 5 places with Flemish giant rabbits for sale in Georgia (GA). 

Make sure to call (at reasonable hours) and check if the seller currently has animals available for sale, see them in person, or request a video call verification, before paying for anything in advance. There are many scammers out there.

Flemish giant bunnies can be great pets as they are friendly, easy to handle, social, and love to play. Remember to provide enough housing space for the animal, a regular supply of pellets, hay, fresh vegetables and fruits, spend some time interacting with your bunny every day, and clean up after it regularly.

We take our rabbit directory seriously  – please send us a message if we’ve helped you find a proper animal or if you had any negative experiences with any of the breeders mentioned here.

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