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6 Best Llama Shears And Clippers – Reviews & Top Picks

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Tired of using bad hand shears and various scissors for trimming your llama? To handle the thick, burr-filled fleece of a llama, you need to invest in a good electric clipper or get a good-quality shear.

And whether you have one llama or a whole herd, shearing is a vital part of the season. Dehairing a llama is necessary to get a high-quality fiber and for the animal to cool down during hot periods.

To ensure you get the job done, you need efficient, effective, and safe shears. Below we listed 6 llama shears and clippers available, covering all budgets and meeting the needs of any farmer, regardless of the size of their llama herd.

A Quick Comparison Of Our Favorites

Best OverallLister Star Large Animal Clipper– Electric Clippers
– Easy to use
– Lightweight
– 2,800 RPM
Check on Amazon
Best For BudgetDragro Upgraded Sheep Shears– Electric Shears
– Detachable blade
– Powerful engine
– 2,400 RPM
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Best For BeginnersLCDCM Shears– Manual shears
– Excellent quality
– Ergonomic design
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The 5 Best Llama Shears And Clippers

1. Lister Star Large Animal Clipper – Best Overall Electric Clippers

Motor Power45W
Weight4.75 lb

The best overall llama clipper is the Lister Star Large Animal Clipper. This tool is powerful enough to complete full-body clips on llamas, alpacas, horses, cattle, sheep, and other livestock. 

A huge plus of these clippers is that they are ventilated and have a self-cleaning head that prevents blades from overheating. The cord is 16 feet long and allows you to move better while shearing your llama and use it at any location on your farm.

Along with this clipper, you get a 2.1-ounce bottle of oil, a clipper cleaning brush, a spare filter, together with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

It has a very lightweight 45W motor and a great RPM number of 2,800.

Despite being a bit pricey, the tool is very easy to use and a great pick.

Order it from Amazon HERE.

Powerful motorExpensive
Easy to useHeats quickly
16 ft cord

2. Dragro Upgraded Sheep Shears – Best Electric Shears For The Budget

Motor Power500W
Weight2.89 lbs

The Dragro 2022 Upgraded Sheep Shears is another excellent option if you are looking for a more budget-friendly electric shear for your llama. 

The tool has a heavy-duty full copper motor that gives it lots of power and a longer lifespan. It comes with a 12-month warranty and a 30-day refund policy.

This electric clipper has a high speed of 2,400 RPM which will make your job of shearing a llama much easier.  It is a great option, not just for shearing llamas, but other farm livestock like sheep, goats, and alpacas.

Despite the blades overheating from prolonged use, this clipper is an excellent option both for beginners and professionals.

Order it from Amazon HERE.

Powerful 500W motorHeats quickly
Adjustable 6 speedsCan’t be used on smaller pets
Ventilation Filter
Detachable blade
12-month warranty

3. LCDCM Sheep Shears/Alpaca Shears – Best Manual Shear Option

Motor Powern/a
Weight6.9 oz

The LCDCM Sheep Shears/Alpaca Shears is an excellent option when it comes to manual llama shears. They are made of high-quality manganese steel and have a spring and ergonomic design to allow you to shear your llama with ease. 

They are an all-around great performing product that is also very light. The ends of the blades are very sharp and pointy so you want to be careful around your llama with them.

Order it from Amazon HERE.

Highly affordableRequires time and manual work
Very durable
100% money-back guarantee
Ergonomic design

In case you decide to go with manual shears, make sure to get a good pair of work gloves. Unless you want massive blisters from handling the tool.

4. TAKEKIT Sheep Shears Professional Electric Sheep Clippers – Best Budget Clippers

Motor Power380W
Weight6.5 lbs

The TAKEKIT Sheep Shears is another great electric clipper for the money. It is a large, heavy-duty, and powerful tool you can use to shear your llama, alpaca, sheep, or any other large thick-coated animal you have on your farm.

It comes with a 16 feet wear-resistant power cord that allows you to move around your animal. The tool has a high speed of 2,400 RPM which can help you save time on shearing and clip the dirtiest and thickest coats effortlessly in no time.

The tool is very budget-friendly but comes with no oil and cooling spray.

Order it from Amazon HERE.

CheapComes with no oil and cooling spray
Powerful motorLoud
Detachable bladesHeats quickly
6 speeds

5. Oster Shearmaster Shearing Machine – Premium Option

Motor Powern/a
Weight9.3 lbs

The Oster Shearmaster Shearing Machine is another excellent and powerful option for grooming your llama wool.

What is great about this machine is that it has cutting speeds between 700 and 3,000 strokes per minute and comes with a durable toolbox case with a brush, grease, and extra air intake screen. It stays oiled for up to 100 hours.

Despite being a bit heavy and pricey, these shears cut through llama wool like a knife through butter.

Order it from Amazon HERE.

Rotating tension knobPricey
Strong bladesHeavy
Oiled up to 100hHeats quickly
Excellent sharpness

6. Zenport ZL122 Heavy Duty Onion/Sheep Shear

Motor Powern/a
Weight12.8 oz

The Zenport ZL122 Heavy Duty Onion/Sheep Shear is the last product on our list of best llama shears and clippers. 

It is a manual shear that comes with 6.5-inch long carbon-treated blades and a double bow, spring-loaded action that automatically opens blades after each cut. It can be used around the garden too, not just for shearing llamas. 

Order it from Amazon HERE.

Buyer’s Guide – Purchasing the Best Llama Shears

llama shearing

Do Llamas Need To Be Sheared?

Yes, llamas need to be sheared regularly, especially during hot months. Make sure to leave at least 0.5-1 inch of their coat as protection against the weather and sunburn.

When Should You Shear Your Llama?

Many llama owners know that they need to shear their llama, but they might be unsure when. If the fleece is less than 2 inches long during spring and summer, you probably don’t need to shear it. However, everything over 4 inches requires snipping. 

A llama sheared to half an inch in the spring should grow an adequate coat by winter.

How To Shear A Llama?

Here are several simple steps for shearing llamas:

  • Clean the llama’s fleece first (use a good grooming tool to remove debris from the wool)
  • Ask someone for help and assistance in securing your llama
  • Restrain the llama (use a harness and a rope to tie the animal)
  • Put a spit-mask on your llama, to prevent it from spitting at you
  • Lay the blades lengthwise against the anima’s body and cut from the tail toward the neck
  • Continue shearing the rest of the body but leave the parts around the legs as protection against the flies

Tips For Shearing Llamas

  • Always clean the llama before shearing
  • Ask somebody to help you restrain the animal and shear it properly
  • Make sure to lubricate the shearing tool before use
  • Do not use it for too long, as the blades might get hot and hurt the animal
  • Using sharp blades will make the process much easier
  • Remember to use manual shears first if feeling uncomfortable with electric clippers
  • If you decide to use manual shears, get a good pair of work gloves to avoid blisters (a must!)

Factors To Keep In Mind When Buying Llama Shears

llama clipper tool

Here are some things to keep in mind when buying your first set of llama sheers:

  • RPM – rotations per minute. The higher the RPM, the faster the shearing machine. Make sure to select a machine with an RPM number as high as possible.
  • Motor Power – motor power affects the RPM and the shearing machine power. A tool with low motor power might not be able to properly shear a llama’s fleece. Look at the motor power in combination with the RPM numbers of the tool. Remember that a higher motor power usually comes with higher noise and vibration – not pleasant for you or your llama.
  • Ease Of Use – make sure to get a tool that is not too complicated to use, gives you a good hand grip, doesn’t vibrate too much, or makes too much noise that will scare your pet
  • Price – Make sure to select a proper tool, whether it’s an electric or a manual one. These items are not everyday purchases, so make sure not to go overly cheap or break the bank.


Choosing the best llama shear among so many options is a tricky task. Luckily, you’ve got us. 

If you want the best-rated overall solution, you should choose the Lister Star Large Animal Clipper. It is the best option in its price range when considering the number of jobs it can handle, the design, and the material of the blades.

If you are a beginner and looking for a manual shear, the LCDCM Sheep Shears/Alpaca Shear is great. It has sharp blades, an ergonomic design, and overall high quality.

Finally, if you are looking for a cheaper electric shear, Dragro 2022 Upgraded Sheep Shears is a good option for you. This clipper would save you a considerable amount of dollars and can be used on other animals besides llamas.

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