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Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Who Would Win In A Fight?

Bald eagles can spot carcasses from miles away. But there is strong competition for a juicy meal like this. The wolf has smelled the food – wants to eat and he is not ready to share.

Both animals scan one another, neither of them ready to back down, not even for an inch. Both of these beasts are ready to fight to their very last breath. 

In this epic bald eagle vs wolf fight, which of them would win? 

To determine the outcome of this duel, let’s use the available information and analyze what would happen if a full-grown and healthy wolf was to clash with a full-grown healthy bald eagle. 

Before we start, who do you see winning this duel? 

bald eagle vs wolf

Comparing Bald Eagles And Wolves

Bald EagleWolf
Size– Length: 28-40 in
– Weight: 6.6-13.9 lb
– Wingspan: 90.5 in
– Height: 2.2-2.8 ft at the shoulder
– Weight: 60-180 lb
– Length: 3.4-5.2 ft
Speed And Movement– 35-40 mph when flying
– 75–99 mph when diving
– 30-40 mph
Bite And Grip Force– 400 PSI (grip force)– 400-600 PSI (biting force)
Senses– Excellent eyesight (5x better than humans)
– Human-like hearing
– Strong sense of smell (100x better than humans)
– Acute hearing
– Excellent vision (night and day)
Defensive Powers– Flying to escape
– Great eyesight to spot danger from afar
– Agility and speed
– Camouflage
– Stamina
– Group protection
Offensive Powers– Excellent diving speed
– Large sharp beak
– Sharp claws (talons)
– Excellent strength
– Sharp teeth
– Group hunting and coordination
– Excellent predatory skills
Aggression Levels– Moderate– Moderate

The 6 Key Factors In A Fight Between A Bald Eagle And A Wolf

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Size

wolf pack hunting

American bald eagles are one of nature’s largest raptors. They can grow up to 3.3 ft in length and have a wingspan up to 7.5 ft.

On the other hand, wolves are the largest canines in the world. They weigh from 60 to 180 pounds. 

The largest wolf ever documented was a Northwestern or (Mackenzie Valley) wolf that weighed 175 pounds. Wolves are between 2.2 and 2.8 ft tall at the shoulder and up to 5.4 ft long.

This is where the wolf’s size comes in handy – a bald eagle wouldn’t be able to lift the heavy canine as the bird can lift only 5-10 pounds.

When comparing sizes, the wolf has a huge advantage over a bald eagle, as it is a lot heavier animal.

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Speed, Movement, And Agility

bald eagle

With their huge wings and powerful wing beats, bald eagles can reach speeds of 35-43 mph in the air, with sudden bursts of speed up to 75 mph, and about 30 mph while carrying fish. They are excellent fliers and have top diving speeds between 75–99 mph. Bald eagles can even swim.

Wolves are built primarily for long-distance hunting but still reach a top speed between 30 and 40 mph.

The Arctic wolf is believed to be the fastest wolf in the world and has been recorded running at 46 mph. They can also run about 25 miles per hour for up to 2 miles. Wolves can’t climb trees but are excellent swimmers that can swim 8 miles per day.

Since each animal is very fast in its own realm, when it comes to speed, it is tied between a bald eagle and a wolf.

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Senses

bald eagle's eyes and sharp beak

Bald eagles’ strongest sense is the eyesight. These birds have about 5 times better eyesight than humans which allows them to spot carrion and prey from miles away. They also have human-like hearing and a poor sense of smell.

Wolves rely the most on their sense of smell which is 100 times better than that of humans. It is said that a wolf has such a developed sense of smell that it can detect another wolf’s age, gender, stress level, dominance, and reproductive status. They also have a good sense of hearing and can hear as far as six miles away in the forest and ten miles in the open.

A bald eagle has more developed eyesight than a wolf, but a wolf has a much better sense of smell. It’s even between the two in this category.

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Bite And Grip Force

bald eagle's talons

Bald eagles have long, curved, and heavy beaks they use to tear flesh and inflict wounds. They also have 4 two-inch-long talons on each leg to grab and kill their prey – those talons can grow more prominent than a human’s hand.

The bald eagle’s grip strength is around 400 PSI (pounds per square inch) which is 10 times stronger than the average gripping strength of a human hand. The power of an eagle’s grip comes from its strong leg muscles, tendons, and bones.

A wolf has a stronger bite than most canids and can produce a bite force between 400 and 600 PSI. As a comparison, the average strength of a human bite is 162 PSI, while the average bite force of a Kodiak bear and a lion is 930 and 1,000 PSI respectively.

Wolves also have claws, but they do not use them for hunting, only for digging and running. Wolves do not attack any bigger prey using claws, only their teeth and mouth.

Wolf has an advantage over a bald eagle when it comes to biting power but an eagle has the advantage when it comes to gripping power. It is tied in this category.

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Defensive Powers

wolf running

Thanks to their well-developed eyesight, bald eagles can spot danger from miles away. Since they are excellent at flying, bald eagles can also evade danger. They will release loud calls to warn others and even use their incredibly strong feet and sharp claws (talons) for defense.

The main defensive tactic of a wolf is to form a pack. When alone, the wolf will show his sharp teeth, growl, and make itself bigger by fluffing its fur. It also has a fur color that blends well with the environment, making it harder for other animals to spot it. Using its excellent stamina and speed, a wolf can easily run away from danger.

When it comes to defensive powers, it’s a draw.

Bald Eagle Vs Wolf – Combat Skills

wolf fangs

Like all raptors, bald eagles kill their prey with their talons. When attacking, bald eagles will swoop down with their feet extended and razor-sharp talons out. Three on the front and one on the back (called the hallux) all face forward.

These white-headed birds are considered surprisingly maneuverable in flight, catching up to and then swooping under other birds in flight, turning over and thrusting their talons into the other bird’s breast.

Wolves take their time in killing their prey. Their most important tactic is excellent coordination when hunting as a group. 

And contrary to ambush predators like tigers that rely on the element of surprise to kill their prey, wolves are the endurance or coursing predators. Wolves will pursue their prey over long distances, exhaust it, and when the opportunity is right, they will bite its shoulders and flank. 

With medium-sized prey, wolves kill by biting the throat, severing nerve tracks, and the carotid artery. For small prey, they use their front paws to kill. Occasionally, when hunting alone, a wolf might ambush another animal. 

Wolves are apex predators, but not the most successful ones – the success rate of a wolf chase is only 3-14%.

Both animals can be highly effective and dangerous at attacking their prey.

Combat FeaturesBald EagleWolf
Speed And Movement
Bite And Grip Power

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Who Would Win In A Fight Between A Bald Eagle And A Wolf?

A wolf would beat a bald eagle in a fight. The success of a real-life fight between these two would come down to which animal successfully ambushes the other. 

If a bald eagle spots the wolf from away and uses its ludicrous diving speed to swoop down and puncture the prey’s body with its talons, collapsing the lungs and slicing the eyes, nose, and heart, the wolf would be in trouble and have very little chance of surviving.

In a fight where they saw one another, a wolf would almost always win. It will use its superior size and weight, sharp teeth, and strong bite to tear the bald eagle apart.

Bald eagles pose little risk to healthy adult wolves but they could easily grab unguarded, young pups with their powerful feet and talons. Wolves wouldn’t be able to catch cautious bald eagles.

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