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5 Points About Camels In English For All Classes

Camel is one of the most interesting creatures in the world. 

It can survive in extremely hot circumstances, but also in temperatures below 0

It has thick fur to protect itself from both heat and cold, flexible nostrils that can close during a sandstorm, and strong teeth and tongue that help it eat a cactus.

And in case you are looking for 5 points about camels, you’ve come to the right place to learn.

Here they are.

5 points about camels

5 Points About Camels

  1. Camels first originated in North America, about 45 million years ago. The first camel, Protylopus, was barely bigger than a rabbit and originally lived in the rainforests of southwest North America.
  2. Camels, or camelids, in a broader meaning, include 7 species in total: the Dromedary camel, the Bactrian camel, the Wild Bactrian camel, but also Llama, Alpaca, Guanaco, and Vicuna. The first 3 members of the Camelidae family are called the Old-World camels, while the last 4 are called New-World camels. All of these camelids are related.
  3. Camels can actually swim. Dromedary camels of India called the Kharai Swimming Camels, are known to swim up to 3 hours a day to get to their favorite food, mangroves. 
  4. Camels are diurnal animals and usually sleep about 6 hours a night. Diurnal means that they are mostly active during the day.
  5. Wolves are considered to be the main camel predators today. Throughout history, lions, tigers, leopards, and even humans were hunting these animals for food, skin, hair.

Extra Points About Camels

In case you wanted to learn more, here are 2 additional camel facts for you:

  1. Camels have flexible nostrils that can close during sandstorms. They do that to prevent dust and sand from getting inside their bodies. 
  2. The country with the largest camel population in the world is Somalia with 7.1 million camels. The USA is estimated to have around 3000.

How Do You Write 5 Lines On A Camel?

If you are writing an essay or a short paragraph on camels for your school assignment, we recommend this. 

This strategy will help you write 5 lines about camels in no time.

First, try to learn as much as possible about camels in a short amount of time. To do this, try reading some camel facts articles.

Next, in case you have more time available and want to learn more about camelids, read different camel articles. Here’s one on where camels are originally from, or one on camel conservation and population status. Then go on and read more about how camels breathe, and about the tongue of a camel.

Finally, reach out to famous zoos and wildlife experts in case you want to learn even more.

This should be enough for you to finish your assignment and get the highest grade.

Best of luck!

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